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About Chris Duncan

When I was young, my mother told me two stories of which I knew as “ghost stories”. Her father had been diagnosed with cancer, and one winter, as he hung the Christmas lights on the house, he got very sick. He caught pneumonia, and passed away shortly after. He was a great man, husband, and father of 5, my mom being number 4. She told me that after the funeral the family all quietly made their way into their empty Illinois home, and while all the other members of the family where together and comforting each other with memories of the past, she had walked into the kitchen to be alone. She told me that as she stood at the kitchen table looking out into the backyard she felt her father’s presence. She smelled his cologne as if he had just entered the room, and a coldness swept over her entire body. My mother told me she was freezing cold, but was not frightened. In fact she was comforted by the idea that this was her dad standing there, as if he was hugging her, and saying his last goodbye. She remembered telling her oldest sister and then learning that she too had felt an unexplainable coldness and smelling his cologne that day. To this day she remembers this experience and how it made her feel. She was so sad about her father’s passing, and what this experience meant to her. To her she felt it was his way of letting her know that it would all be alright.

The second “experience” from my mother was a bit more troubling. My mother had a job at an apartment complex in Memphis, TN. She was hired on as part of the “make ready” or cleaning crew for vacated apartments. She loved it at first, she would always come home showing off the neat items that she found that where simply “left behind”. On one day, as she arrived for work, her and her coworker found out that they had been assigned another apartment to clean, so off they went. Once they entered the apartment my mom said that the overall feeling in the place was heavy. She said that she did not feel right being there, almost as if they did not belong. She and her friend worked very fast that day, hoping to get out of there as quickly as they could, and as my mom cleaned the mirror above the sink, she saw a little boy. When she turned to question him, he disappeared. She thought that the front door had been left open, and maybe the boy had come in and was playing a game, but after looking though the entire apartment he was nowhere to be found. This experience really spooked my mom.

Growing up I was only introduced to stories like these. Having no experiences of my own I sought after them more and more, and became intrigued when I learned about haunted locations and tours that I could take to further my interest in the paranormal. Personal experiences fascinate me and my intention is to find and document these cases, so that the questions regarding life after death can be answered. If you have a haunting, please let us know if your location is available for an investigation.



About Wendy Schultz

My interest in the paranormal world began at an early age, the home I grew up in was haunted by what I believed to be an adult male spirit with a presence that always left me feeling uncomfortable and dark. He only ever appeared to me, I asked my family many times if they were having the same experiences and they always laughed it off to just being my imagination. I had a great fear of this spirit and did not invite commutation between us, a fact I regret to this day. I wondered all the time, what did he want? Where did he come from? Why did he only seem to remain in one part of the house? What happened there to aid in his presence being there?

My mind ran wild with these questions but I never thought to just ask. However, away from home my ears peaked anytime another person would be telling their own stories and I encouraged and took part in having them confront their spirits. I tried putting myself in places where I believed there to be activity, I invited spirits to come to me but wanted nothing to do with the one in my own home. I needed to confront my fears; I needed to understand why this was happening. I began researching paranormal activity as a teenager, I never found anyone with an interest beyond just the thrill of it all until I was an adult.

Chris and I had been friends for years but never spoke on the topic due to the joint collection of odd looks and giggles we both had received in the past for sharing our views of the afterlife. We decided to take our studies to a deeper level and began traveling to locations; this became our idea of a girl’s night out. In the real world Chris and I are best friends and working mothers. These adventures of spiritual experiences would technically be defined as a hobby, however this is a hobby we take very seriously. We have fun doing it because it can be a thrill to discover something new, but we also work hard studying what we find for answer to the questions we share.

We see this website as a way to connect with the paranormal community, share our view points, and mostly our experiences. I feel this is a unique interest to have and it is not easy to find genuine people with the same goals. It requires an open mind, a sense of adventure, trust between team members, and a sympathy for human life. I wish everyone the very best in the experiences and hope we all learn a bit more about this fascinating world.













































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