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April 8, 2017 - SK Pierce - The Victorian Mansion Gardner MA

The SK Pierce house or Victorian Mansion is known throughout Massachusetts for housing several spirits. Having run off all of its previous owners it was left standing vacant, and as the years went by this once beautiful historic home fell into ruin and became very dangerous for anyone attempting to visit the property. Currently it is being renovated back to its original state and the new owners host regular investigations to help cover the costs to repair the mansion. The new owners only stay in the house during the nights that they are working on it, or for hosting investigations becuase they unfortunately have many problems brought on by the bar that is directly across the street. People will have a few drinks and then attempt to enter the house. You already have to worry about what might be lurking around your old mansion, now you have to consider the locals breaking in just to get a peek. I verified this first hand the night I investigated the mansion, and witnessed as the owner had to tell a couple of thrill seekers that it was against the law to just walk into their house. Though the local drunks are not enough to keep me away, even if they are bold or rowdy. I've had my share of run in's during my time as an investigator, and can say that you need to be prepared because you will meet all types. This location proved to be exciting in every way, and I fully intend to visit again. 





This image was taken in the basement using a full spectrum camera. We were having a lot of activity at this time, in the form of feelings and EMF hits. I took a lot of pictures while trying to find the source and this strange glowing ball of energy was caught.


These were taken with the full spectrum camera in the upstairs room said to give off a negative feeling to women. The man standing there in the doorway is not affected by this image because he cannot see it. I took several pictures throughout the room and found this strange image after reviewing my pictures later.


We were in the downstairs dining room also known as the game room and having been told that child like spirits are more likely to make contact with us in that room, we started trying to play a game at the table though we were not making any connections. I stood up and started taking pictures around the dark room with my Sony night-vision camera and later discovered that it appears the child like spirit was hiding behind David. Since David had been there many times previously, maybe the spirit was comfortable hiding behind him. After all we were a large group of strangers, and I would be hiding behind the only thing in the room that was familiar to me as well.. 


This short clip was taken in the dining room on the first floor. We were attempting to contact a spirit that is said to be childlike and during our attempt, in this clip you will hear the word "Trust" captured as an EVP. Also in the background behind that, listen closely as there appears to be faint singing. No one spoke that word during our session and no one was singing... This clip is quick!





While on the third floor in a room just off of the staircase we captured this EVP that sounds like someone is letting us know that "Sam and Mom" are there. The third floor seemed to be one of the most active for us. We were all feeling uneasy in this room so it was no surprise that we captured something here.





This EVP was whispered into my recorder as I left it recording between sessions. This was captured as I climbed out of the basement and just as I reached the 1st floor. It sounds like either "She is Here" or "See and Hear" 





While running my recorder in the library and using a very unique instrument (you can hear it beeping/alerting in the background) you will hear a creepy whisper, and to me it sounds like it is saying "they saw us!"





There is a room on the third floor of the mansion where it is said that women tend to have oppressive feelings, more so inside the large walk in closet. In this clip you will hear Wendy and I speaking as we sit waiting to feel what others have claimed. There is a mirror inside the closet and I make the comment about how the mirror would make one feel a bit depressed and during this time while we are chatting a voice is caught on my digital recorder.  No one else was there inside that closet with us when this was caught. You will hear the EVP repeating twice after Wendy speaks.





In this clip I feel that I am receiving direct communication from an entity that needs to tell me that there are "no spirits there." This is such a great clip because of the unexplained image I captured with my full spectrum camera. I have a picture of a large shadow being that is dark and looming with wispy hair. Its such a strange image that I feel these two pieces of evidence go hand in hand! Could that image I caught be what this voice was referring to? What is it than, if it is not a spirit? This is very low, I recommend headphones again here.





EVP captured while investigating a room where women feel oppressed. In this clip we are trying to figure out why women have a particularly hard time with their emotions when it comes to being there. You will hear Wendy asking if women where locked inside the closet, and then we received an answer from someone we didn't know was with us at the time.





This is something that I was not expecting to catch. However, when you leave the recorder running after the end of the long night and you are just trying to liven yourself back up for your drive home, sometimes you catch voices that you do not intend to find. As Wendy and I were joking in the downstairs parlor room currently being used as our break room, this rather nasty voice was captured. It has a deep growl of a voice. I feel that I must have angered whoever was still attempting to communicating with me.



























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