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September 05, 2016 - Villisca Ax Murder House IA

We could not have been more excited for this investigation! It seemed like we had talked about coming to visit this house for years. Now, as we finally arrived, the emotions that swept over the people here 105 years earlier were completely removed. The town seemed peaceful, charming. People moved about with their normal lives as if those heinous murders had never occurred. As you turn off of the main highway, there is a marker directing you to the scene of the crime. The kind of large reflective sign you see in any town that generally guides you to exploring a little piece of history. However this one points you to your turn for the Villisca Ax Murder house. As we passed by the gas station and into the neighborhood, we were amazed at how full the neighborhood was. Houses and thick trees lined each street. It looked like the type of neighborhood that you would have seen on any show in the '60s. It was very normal, and happy. Families outside walking, children riding bikes. It felt like we were on our way to visit grandma rather than on our way to stay at one of the most notoriously unsolved murder crime scenes in the US.

As we parked our car, I couldn’t help but notice how the sun shone brightly down on the house.  It sort of glowed in this peaceful setting, and I was shocked to find that the house appeared to be nothing like what I had expected. I envisioned our arrival to the murder house would look quite a bit different. I pictured it to be oddly placed, dark and looming. And that I would have a bad feeling from the moment I stepped onto the grounds. But it was nothing like that at all. Confused, I stood their basking in the warmth I felt from looking at this house. We entered the barn and met with the owner who gave us the grand tour. Some of the things he said to us during our walk through would come to light as the night went on, but at this time the house felt hushed. He gave us the keys and then left us for the evening, and we immediately went to work. Once we were back inside we began to pick through the different rooms and plan for our overnight investigation. As we moved through the small home we noticed that it was still very quiet. It remained just as it was when the owner was with us. It felt as if we had just borrowed his house for the night and were getting ready to settle in. It was eerily calm. If the Villisca Ax Murder sign wasn’t in the front yard I would have thought that we were in any old historic house. And that maybe we paid the wrong guy for the wrong place! We decided to head out for a bite to eat and to refresh our equipment with new batteries. Once we were ready for the investigation, we headed back into the house.

The sun had set by this point, and the once calm house took on a whole new feeling. We had walked the halls earlier, and already understood the layout. We felt familiar with its regular noises too, but this time there was something else. It became pretty clear that this was no longer the same house. The facade had been broken, the house was now ready to show its true self. From the moment we re-entered it, I felt as if we were intruding. Maybe the entities here are used to regular day tours and since we had entered in the house with the owner, they didn’t feel threatened then. I don’t know how else to explain it, but this time we were in the midst of a presence that didn’t seem comforted by our visit. We heard noises leading right to us, and yet no one appeared... knocking on the furniture, the attic door slamming shut, and things being moved about in the rooms around us. The house seemed to come alive for us, but the spirits remained just out of our reach. They seemed to only participate in the rooms that we did not linger in. Was this a game? Were we supposed to chase them?

We stepped into the kitchen, planning on moving outside for a break. Just as Wendy turned off her recorder, I hear a man’s voice from the stairwell. I had my headphones on while recording in order to amplify sounds, and felt confident of the direction I heard the voice. I turned to look, but again there was no one there. As I am waiting for someone to appear from behind us, I am suddenly caught off guard as the door to the outside suddenly whipped open. This stopped both Wendy and I dead in our tracks! We expected to see somebody standing there... a kid, the owner, somebody. But there was no one there. The door shuts itself as if someone gently closed it after realizing that the main door was still locked. It took us a moment to process this occurrence, then we both checked the windows to see if someone had parked outside or was running off. After all, who else knew that we were in there that night? Maybe they had caught a glimpse of us as they opened the door? But still we found no sign of life. We stepped outside and analyzed the door. It was not a windy night by any means. It was a very calm September evening in Iowa, the whole suburb seemed to be asleep.  The only thing moving outside was the train, which loudly ran all night. We did not know how to react to this incident. Something had happened that we could not control or understand. We took this as a sign, and that sign said “get out!” and so we did!

Our investigation continued to be an exciting one as more unexplained noises and events developed throughout the night. Every time the energy would build up, and it seemed as though you were about to come face to face with the culprit behind all the strange occurrences, it would divert. The activity would move into a completely different room. As the sun rose on our event, we made one last effort to create a connection in the house. I walked away from the Stillingers' bedroom and into the living room when I felt a hand gently touch my face. I was not startled this time, actually it was calming. I felt as if they were saying goodbye. Again the house felt lifted and inviting, much like it had when we first arrived the day before.  We had so many different experiences here and the only thing I can say for sure, this was unlike any other investigation we’ve ever been on. What we expected to find versus what we had experienced are at complete opposite ends in my mind, and left us feeling a bit unsettled. I would love to find myself here again one day.





This image was taken just as the door had re closed on its own. Wendy and I stood here paralyzed waiting for confirmation that this incident occurred because of an actual person. I see a face in this image reflecting on the inside glass.

This is an image of an orb captured near the piano using the Full Spectrum camera

While in the Stillinger's bedroom, you'll see Chris's hand holding a Mel meter. There is another image here that is mostly blocked by my hand, and it appears to be floating just to the right above the Stillinger's bed.

This picture was taken with night vision and is of the upstairs room once used by the Moore family children. You will see an orb hovering above the bed here.

Again we found orbs near the piano, this time there are more. I thought that this was a strange image because the one that I circled directly beside the piano does not look like a typical orb. To me it looks more like a small body, like that of a child. I cannot make out any additional features, just the upper torso.


During a spirit box session in the bedroom on the first floor, we begin hearing noises in the kitchen. Upon entering the kitchen, Chris hears a man's voice and as she begins to notify Wendy, the screen door opens oddly and closes on its own.





After hours of filming, this is the one and only video of a possible orb. Honestly, I rarely take orb discussions seriously. However after 5 hours of filming in this house, it was strange to see this. Watch the lower right corner of the screen. You'll notice that the motion light is on in the upper left corner for the entire duration of the orb appearance.





We are setting up equipment in the upstairs bedroom where the Moore children slept the night they were murdered. You will here the tripod clicking in the background as we are adjusting of our camera. Suddenly there is avoice that sounds like we are being given a warning. I hear 2 voices in this clip.





This was in the downstairs main room. Wendy had just sat down on the bench opposite of Chris and our motion detection light that was positioned in the kitchen on top of the stove flickers on. We actually did not investigate this during the time because we thought that we had triggered it somehow. After reviewing our audio it appears to have been something else. Listen to this clip, I hear a whisper that sounds like it is saying "I like playing with lights." I have isolated it and attached it to the end of the clip so you will hear it again...





While taking a base line reading in the downstairs spare room, also known as the Stillinger room, this voice was caught.





While collecting our things in the kitchen so that we can charge them while taking a break, we catch this creepy EVP on the camera's audio. It is very low, so you may want to turn the volume up to hear it.





Before heading out of the house for a short break we we're discussing a voice Chris heard right before the back door opens and closes on its own. Later we found this clip of a woman crying captured on camera's audio.





Who's Janet? We found this voice on the camera's audio as well. In this moment we were more concerned with what our neighbor across the street was doing then actually investigating the house. We did not hear this clip until reviewing the footage later.





Just as Chris hears a man's voice the back door swings open and closed. Worried that this was in fact some person trying to get a closer look at this historical home, we froze. We tried to compose ourselves before heading outside, and later discovered that this EVP was captured on the camera's audio.





While sitting in the room where the Stillinger sisters were murdered, Chris comments that she felt something touch her face... and shortly after Wendy feels something touching her arm. During the time Chris turns on her lamp to look at Wendy's arm, you will also hear a door shut in the house. This was not heard by our own ears at the time; you will see that neither Wendy nor Chris react to it.





On the 2nd floor we caught this quick EVP on the camera's audio, it sounds like "Hon" short for Honey. Could this be Mrs. Moore calling for her husband, Mr. Moore, as she wakes to see someone standing over their bed?





The morning after our investigation we were packing up the car when a man taking a walk stopped to speak with us. He was a bit of an odd little man that had admittedly been watching us from across the street all night... 1st Red Flag!  2nd, he looked a lot like Rev. George Kelly that once was on trial for the Villisca Axe murders but due to a complete lack of evidence and the fact that Rev. Kelly was basically crazy, he was eventually released. Never being charged of the murders, he disappeared, and was never really seen again. Until today...






























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