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September 04, 2016 - Edinburgh Manor, Scotch Grove IA

What a beautiful day to visit such an amazing building. The sun was out, the sky was clear, and then we arrived. The ominous structure stood back a good distance from the road, and yet it seemed to radiate with an overwhelming sensation of people. So much in fact that you expected to look up into each window and see people looking back at you. It was confusing and a little disorienting. I’ve been to places where you would just sense the presence of someone, or just feel eyes on you, you know that feeling? Ok, let me try to explain this a little... Let’s just say that you’re standing in the checkout line. You are in the 20 items or fewer lane, and you have way more than 20 items. As you finish adding all of your items on the belt, you realize you’re not just slightly over 20 items. You don’t even have to look, you can feel the person behind you staring straight at your head. So that’s one of those feelings that I’m talking about here, but at Edinburgh, it was highly intensified. There had to be a dozen or more pairs of eyes on me, and yet I saw nothing but empty windows. I recall sitting in our parked car and loading our equipment with fresh batteries as if this just happened yesterday, but every moment that I recall from this point on seems like it plays out in slow motion.

We entered the building, and immediately made our way into the massive sitting room that directly faces the entrance. The room was warm. It had a row of windows and a sun porch. The air felt good in here, energized and happy, yet I lingered in the hall just outside of the room instead of joining the group. There was a cork board on the wall with business cards and notes that seemed to draw my attention, and at this point I received my first EVP. We slowly moved down into one of the rooms and discovered that our friends from Shortbus Paranormal had several otherworldly experiences in that room. They were able to communicate with a spirit through the lights on a child’s light up lunch box. Nothing else would make the lights on that object illuminate no matter what they tried. We continued to make our way through the hallway and stairwell were we found ourselves both having unexplained incidents on the 2nd floor. Wendy became overwhelmed with emotion in one room where she even saw an apparition. She grabbed me and explained to me that she suddenly felt she was on the verge of breaking down and crying. I’ve never seen Wendy affected this deeply. Her emotions crippled her after walking into one of these rooms. I wanted to face the same entity that had affecting her however but I did not have any experience in there. The room felt completely empty. I didn’t know what to think, had it jumped Wendy? Was she in tune with a deep sadness that remained here? I couldn’t explain it, we continued on investigating additional rooms as we moved.

At the opposite end of the floor I found myself trapped in a room where I became overwhelmed with rage. I suddenly found myself panicking. I became extremely hot and angry, and couldn’t explain why. I just knew that I needed to get out of that room immediately otherwise I was going to hurt someone. I fled the room and came face to face with Wendy and all I wanted to do was rip her apart. I had this uncontrollable urge to start fighting with her! My best friend!?! I don’t even have a reason to be angry with her, but at that moment it took everything in me to not fight with her! She went into that room, and had no experience. She moved in and out easily and told me that it felt normal. It was very difficult to calm down, as I was left wrestling with this hostility that now penetrated my mind. When I finally cooled off I was bewildered by what had happened. I decided to just take pictures and record with my audio device for a while, and just be quiet. I continued to catch EVPs throughout my tour of the building and basement, but continued to just tread lightly during the remainder of my visit.  

As we all gathered back on the main floor we talked for a while about the activity that was documented in the room that we currently stood in. Suddenly I began getting hot again, and this time I started to panic. I decided to leave the room before this took over me as it had before. I ran through the building and into the room I described as happy and warm in the beginning, but this time it was not. It was cold, dark and foreboding. I became terrified and needed to get out of the Manor quickly. I ran out of the building and into the grass away from the building and as I started to feel better I walked the perimeter of the building. Looking up at it, I could still feel people there, as if they continued to watch me. Waiting for me to come back in… I could not explain what happened to me here, but at this time I no longer desired to be inside the building. This place is very emotional, at least it was for myself and Wendy. I feel like the spirits that linger here do so for the chance to latch onto you and take over. As if you are just a vessel that they can control.  They want or need you to understand their deepest, darkest emotions. This was a crazy place to visit, and after having said all of this, I am deeply interested in going back to Edinburgh one day.





This picture was taken on the left side of the building, as you look up into the middle window there appears to be a dark mass manifesting. This is also the only window open on that side of the building.


These three pictures taken in a row, seem to have captured an image that manifests briefly and then disappears quickly. The image is in the second picture, I have circled it to make it more clear. There was no one inside the building at this time.


Another picture taken outside of the manor. This image captured on the back of the building looks to be two manifestations, though one is much more prominent then the other. If you can zoom in fully, the second image is just to the right of the first image under the curtain.


There is a voice at the beginning of this clip, and it sounds like she says "We're in Here, or We're in Hell" with an accent... This was caught just after Wendy left room 200.


There is a deep whisper near the end of the recording.



Another very direct whisper that was captured as we made our way through the Manor.


Right in the beginning you'll hear a loud male voice saying "we're coming" then the heavy stairway door slams, and then a whisper asking "who's that guy?" This was all taken in the front room of the Manor where we were told that they have recently had a lot of activity using light up electronic toys.
























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