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September 03, 2016 - The Franklin Hotel, Strawberry Point, IA

We flew from opposite ends of the U.S. to meet up in Iowa for one thrilling haunt filled Labor Day weekend. When we both landed in Iowa we set course for our first investigation, the Franklin Hotel. This charming hotel/bar and restaurant seemed to be the only place with any life left in the quaint town of Strawberry Point. On the large outdoor veranda sat a group of bikers engaging themselves in beer and memories. They were not overly happy to be burdened to have to move their chairs just so a couple of outsiders could pass by them. Seriously, we were not welcome and it was pretty obvious from the heckling coming from the group of drunken loungers. Because the license plate on the rental car read Michigan, we were immediately outcast by the group and they let us know. We entered the hotel after our unfriendly encounter only to find the reception area was completely abandoned. Nothing seemed to have visited there in the last decade or so. The hotel still decorated in the same Strawberry motif and wax flowers from when the place was a bustling busy hotel (I assume in the 80’s), now left under layers of dust and loose cobwebs. It was pretty dismal, I couldn’t wait for the lights to be off. We finally pulled someone away from behind the dining room to check in, and were disappointed to learn that they had given our room to another guest. Even though that room was reserved months in advance, we were brushed off as if at some point their rooms became first come first served…

The receptionist grumbled at our argument stating “all the rooms were haunted, and that we would not be disappointed.” What could we do at this point? We grabbed the key and gear and headed to our room. As we made our way through the old creaky hallway, we were once again disappointed to find that she gave us one of the newly remodeled rooms. O well, we were here now, at least the bed looked comfy. Feeling defeated and tired we unpacked and looked into our dinner options for the night. We really lucked out with a restaurant in the nearby town, and had a fabulous dinner. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend visiting Fennelly’s Irish Pub in Elkader, Iowa. Anyway after returning to the hotel, the investigation began. We started up and down each hallway, getting acquainted with the noises each floor produced. We made it all the way down to the main floor and went right back outside. Walking around the building, we were able to see our room, and noticed then that our motion sensor light was glowing on. We had been out of that room for over 30 minutes, and could not understand why the motion sensor was on. We made our way through the hotel again and back in our room, and decided to investigate there for a while. After a few hours we left the room and headed back down to the main level, at this point it was nearing midnight, and a few local party goers were still sitting face down in their beer at the bar. It was pleasing to learn that they were solid believers and got to hear some fascinating local legends.

We left them at the bar to venture into the basement and a separate room that is used for parties. Both rooms were very creepy! The basement for sure is a hot spot. The Bartender, Jennifer, was kind enough to share her stories while showing us around. She recalled a time when she felt a male presence near her, watching her when no one was down there with her. She’s also seen him out of the corner of her eye. Other’s said that they see a man pass right through the wall where an exit to the street had once been. The separate room used for parties had a presence in it that hid from us, and fled as soon as we found her. I say her, because the presence felt feminine to us. There are reports of seeing a lady in this building. They claim that she was a prostitute and had died there, and the name given to her by a former resident is Lily. I captured a strange picture here just as we entered the room that might have been her. We tried to stay here as long as we could, but it seemed as if we really had frightened the spirit away. We decided to investigate the main level a while longer before moving back upstairs. We slowly took on each area, together at first and then separately. We caught a few interesting pictures and EVP’s, but decided to end our night with another attempt to communicate with the spirit that was in our room. After doing so, we decided to close out our night.

Sleeping would come easy in the newly remodeled room, or so I thought! Strangely the fan in the bathroom would come on at random times though out the night. Plus I was freezing all night long! I’m sure that the bathroom fan wasn’t the cause of the frigid temperature but I feel that it’s important to note. See the light and fan were set to a motion sensor so all you had to do was walk in there and they both came on. I decided to turn it off for us to sleep, but quickly realized that you could only shut off the light and not the fan. Given that they had recently remodeled the room, I assumed that this light kit was just malfunctioning... Speaking of malfunctioning, the fan didn’t necessarily need motion to come on. It just turned on all by itself, over and over again. Unfortunately the noise from the fan in the bathroom suddenly turning on kept waking me up throughout the night. At one point, I had given up on opening my eyes and checking. I just decided that this would continue and that I would have to ignore it. As I laid there freezing cold, trying my best to go back to sleep, something happened that I was not prepared for. I heard the deep squeak of the floorboard, as if someone had put all their weight on it. Then I heard another one, this time I realized the noise I was hearing was someone walking out of the bathroom and into the room. But how did Wendy get over there without creaking the whole way? I’m clearly a light sleeper, I would have heard her walking to the bathroom too. I opened my one dry, bloodshot eye to confirm that it was Wendy, and found that no-one was there. I heard those two footsteps and that was it. After this happened, the fan never turned on again.





This is an image we captured in the main dining room of the hotel. We felt a strong presence in this room and found it difficult to leave even after hosting our investigation. In this picture I see a man, but I cannot tell if he is sitting in one of the chairs or if he is walking through...

This is one of the pictures taken outside of the hotel looking up at our room with a Full Spectrum camera. The motion sensor light was on after we had been outside of the room for a long time. You can slightly see the purple glow from the window on the right.

This was the first picture taken as we entered the party room. We felt as if the lady spirit, Lily, was in here trying her best to stay out of sight.

This image was also captured in the dining room during our investigation. I am not sure what to make of the images I see in this picture. The bright orb seems to have a dark caped mass behind it. Are these images tied together or are they two separate entities? Also, I see what appears to be a man crawling across the ceiling, stopping as I take this quick picture.

This picture, taken on the veranda, is of the window leading into the dining room where we had a lot of activity. This is a unique picture because there were no men with us on the veranda and yet there appears to be a reflection of a man in the window.
























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