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March 13&14, 2015 - The Lemp Mansion, St. Louis MO

The team headed to St. Louis Missouri for a special two night investigation at the infamous Lemp Mansion. However before checking in we decided to detour over to the cemetery where the Lemp family resides. I don't know why but ever since our visit I have had several re-occurring dreams of this graveyard. We have been to many graveyards over the years on different investigations however this one continues to stand out in my mind and leaves me feeling a bit unnerved. The cemetery seemed endless on that cold rainy night. It was enormous beyond words and we quickly discovered the challenge of navigating through the winding roads while trying to locate our subjects of interest. Though the grounds seemed peaceful and the scent of honeysuckle filled the air, I still feel a chill recalling our journey up and down each row looking for the Lemp tomb. We ended our search that evening and located it the next day after the visitors center re-opened and we were provided with a map of the grounds. We also visited the brewery for a short time before we were run off from security due to our unwillingness to pay for the full tour! We also located one of the underground tunnel entrances that would have been used by the Lemps to lager their beer. Never a dull moment during our investigations! We finally made our way to the mansion were we were greeted by an impressive and hospitable staff. They were pleased to have us joining them and made our stay extremely accommodating. We have gathered an astounding amount of footage and audio evidence from this one location, though not all of it has been added to the page yet. The Lemp Mansion investigation will continue to be a work in progress as we finish reviewing our evidence from this experience. Please check back often as we will be adding more to this page.





We started out the evening investigating the first room at the top of the stairs. The room named the Charles Lemp room. We got our base line reading of the room, and then began with our opening ritual and introductions. Just after we completed, we reviewed the audio recorder for anything unusual and hear a strange animal like sound. You can hear this played just at the beginning of this video. We replayed our audio recorder to make sure the sound we heard was not some type of interference, but did not hear it again. Throughout our time in this room we had some interesting spikes on meters that were not contained to one area, and it seemed like we were chasing a small child or an animal. Also the red high-back chair had interesting EMF spikes that could otherwise not be explained.

As the night drew on our host took to closing down the mansion. We walked the perimeter, documenting the street noises and how they might affect our investigation. We normally only use our regular camera for still shots, however we decided to incorporate the use of the full spectrum camera and IR light. In this picture you will see an image that appears in the basement window. I originally saw this image as a dog but at the time did not make any connections. William Lemp Sr killed his beloved dog on the property just moments before he took his own life. After reviewing this piece of evidence I feel very strongly, that the fact that this resembles a dog is more then just coincidence.


There are a few guests with us during the time we are investigating the dinning room on the first floor. Suddenly one of the guests becomes overwhelmed with fear and wants to leave immediately. Wendy sets her camera down in the hall and tries to console her unaware of the sudden activity spike that was taking place. Chris is holding a meter that is continuously alerting, you will hear the beeping in this clip. Wanting to verify that this is paranormal and not a malfunction, she adds a K2 meter to the investigation however she ends up getting scratched and leaves the room to get a closer look. The lady that became terrified during this event ends up leaving the mansion. It is still unclear what exactly came over her, but it is interesting that the activity spiked during this time.

This audio clip is of Chris detailing the occurrence from being scratched in the dining room. You will hear her and another guest recalling the event, but just as the guest says "I wasn't looking at your hand" there is a completely different voice that seems to fessing up to the scratch.

This voice was not heard during the investigation, and this clip has what I am calling the confession has been added twice at the end.

This is an audio clip from when Wendy and Chris are sitting in the front dining room of the Lemp Mansion. Just after Chris responds to Wendy there is a new voice that was caught on our audio device. The message here sounds like a greeting for Wendy, however this came well after our introductions. Maybe this was the first time this spirit made its way down to meet us and was being courteous. You may want to turn up the volume on your headset for this one, this voice is otherwise hard to hear.

This picture was taken in the same room and only minutes after catching the EVP titled Wendy's greeting. This image is one of our favorites from the evening because it happened around the same time we received the EVP and also closely resembles both a a human and animal form. It is very interesting and is unlike anything that we have ever captured before.

This is another picture that took place during our burst of activity down on the main floor. This picture was taken moments after the greeting EVP and photo of the half human. You will see the original picture and then the blown up image and again the same image only with a red circle of the two interesting images I see in the photo.


Original image

Enhanced images

Still on the main floor Chris is engaging in an EVP session with the group. The discussion goes of course for a moment here and Chris asks "what is that?" referring to a small statue in the room. You can hear us speaking softly in the background, but then there is another voice caught that suddenly speaks up. This voice is not from anyone that was present at the time and seems to be answering my earlier question...

We are investigating the Elsa room on the third floor and it was nearing the end of our investigation for this evening. At this time we went off topic and began discussing a previous case with our friends from Missouri. As we talked there is a sudden blood curdling scream that was captured during this recording that was clearly not heard by anyone in the room at this time. Listen closely, it is near the end of the video.

























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