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July 23, 2014 - Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, Fall River MA

Our team gained the opportunity to investigate the infamous Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast in Fall River, Mass. From the moment we arrived, it was like stepping back in time. The home has been remodeled to appear just as it did during the time the Borden family lived there. The furniture has even been replaced with replicas matching the photos taken on the day Abby and Andrew’s bodies were discovered bludgeoned to death. We sat where Mr. Borden was brutally killed, having received several blows to his skull with a hatchet. We slept were the Borden’s guest bed once sat, also the very last place Mrs. Borden stood before being murdered with possibly the very same hatchet as her husband. It’s a surreal feeling to say the least. The cold case double homicide has gone unsolved for more than 100 years and this home acts as a tourist attraction to what was one of the first ever media followed court cases. Lizzie Borden was the only suspect in the murder case however was not convicted do to a lack of physical proof. Many theories have spun from this horrific tale and on July 23, 2014 we attempted to find the truth for ourselves by attempting to contact the spirits that remain in the Borden house.





This EVP was caught when entering Emma's bedroom as we toured the home for the first time.

After asking Mr. Borden why he is known for making people feel sick, we found this EVP of a man's voice on our recorder. get out of my room/home

While investigating in the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, Wendy suddenly feels ill. This happens just after she mentions a rumor that we heard regarding Lizzie Borden's father. As Wendy decides whether or not to continue with her line of questioning, this voice shouts out "Ask me."

This EVP is difficult to make out, it was not heard with our own ears at the time it was captured.

We were discussing whether a particular psychic had picked up on any truth to the rumor regarding Mr. Borden having relations with his daughters, when we captured this EVP.

We learned that the spirits that stay in the children's room are said to enjoy being read to. There is a favored story, however Wendy chooses to read a different story. After she grabs the book to read she stands up and accidentally hits her head on the sloped ceiling and makes a comment. After this you will hear a whisper that seems to be pleading with Wendy to read the Zoo book first...

While in the dining room of the Borden Home we received this EVP on our recorder.

While sitting in the floor of the children's room, you will hear Chris discussing locating the Borden's grave site. A low whisper is caught at this exact moment by both our audio and video recording devices.

Everyone that had taking part of the tour remained downstairs in the parlor where Andrew Borden had been found murdered. A digital audio recorder was left upstairs recording while everyone met in the parlor to use the Ouija Board to try and communicate with the Borden family. This EVP was caught while the room is empty, all of the other voices you hear are downstairs. Listen closely, it sounds like "Disgusting."

This was caught in the children's room on the third floor where Holder S. Borden and Eliza Ann Borden are said to haunt. While it may seem strange or rude to some, we often act as if we do not remember the names of the spirits that are said to haunt a certain location, we have seen in the past that spirits seem more willing to correct us then directly answer us when asked a question. Lizzie Borden B&B EVP

Just after leaving the room they call the children's room we received this EVP of a child saying "don't go" on our recorder.



The owners of The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast keep a Ouija Board from 1892 in the home parlor room where Mr. Borden was murdered. The owners say guests have used the board before and reported strange things that occur and even follow them home. The board was once stolen from the property and later returned with a note that stated "I just want it to stop". So naturally we had to test out the power behind this board. We were dissapointed to see the spirits were not in the mood to play.


While we discuss different theories regarding the murders of Andrew and Abby Borden, Wendy states she does not believe Lizzie and her sister Emma wanted to murder their father. Then we found this EVP during our review.


While taking a moment to relax and get to know the other investigators, we joked about a guest that arrived late in the evening and retreated straight to their room. During our laughs we captured this childlike voice on our camera audio.


This is a series of video clips taken from the events that took place in Mr. Borden's bedroom the night of 7/31/15. While starting our EVP session and attempting to discuss the rumors that have recently surfaced accusing Mr. Borden of having relations with his daughters, Wendy began feeling ill in her stomach and chest. Immediately following her sudden illness a strange smell manifested in the room. We also began experiencing a camera malfunction, and a man's voice was captured both on camera and on the digital recording. As we changed topics, we noticed all the activity suddenly stopped.


























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