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March 29, 2014 - Moundsville State Penitentiary, Moundsville WV

Our team set out to investigate the Moundsville State Penitentiary to experience the many claims of shadow men, visitors being touched by unseen forces, and the echoes of the inmates that spent their last days behind these walls. Pulling up to the prison is truly a unique site to see. Jetting out of the suburbs, this amazing gothic style prison still stands as a reminder of the grim fate many faced beyond its walls. This facility was once ranked one of the Top ten most violent Correctional Facilities and now is a tourist attraction in this quiet, sleepy town in West Virginia. It’s hard to believe thirty-six homicides and hundreds of other deaths took place within this prison. One of the more notable deaths is the butchering of inmate number 44670, R.D. Wall.

On October 8, 1929 after R.D. was attacked by three prisoners with dull shivs while heading to the boiler room, these inmates believed R.D. was a snitch that received special treatment from guards. R.D. Wall is said to be the most often seen ghost at Moundsville, but he’s not the only one.  From 1899 to 1959, ninety-five men were executed. The public could attend hangings until June 19, 1931. On that date, Frank Hyer was executed for murdering his wife. However, when the trap door beneath him was opened and his full weight was put onto the noose, he was instantly decapitated. Following this event, attendance to hangings was by invitation only. His spirit is said to haunt the area where the gallows once stood. One of the more infamous locations in the prison is a recreation room known as “The Sugar Shack” were instances of gambling, fighting, and raping were common playtime. This prison seems to be fueled with the residual hauntings from the years of torture those inmates and guards endured. We couldn’t wait to get inside and see what was waiting in the dark. 


Standing in the long hallway lined with large windows leading to a dining hall, at the first doorway, Chris acknowledges that her camera is malfunctioning. This was at the start of our investigation and had just completed our equipment check. During our audio play back of this moment we found this voice.

We were standing in the basement area where an inmate once lived. While setting up for an investigation of this area Chris realizes that the EMF pump was not functioning properly. As soon as Chris discovers the problem, and goes to correct it she calls herself silly. We catch a disembodied voice at this exact moment that seems to agree.

As we were walking through the jail, we arrived at a set of stairs near the newer cell block when suddenly Wendy acknowledges feeling like something had touched her hair. We immediately stop moving forward to try and find the source, either water dripping down, spider webs, or maybe a bug. We saw no evidence of any of these things but during the review of our audio we did get a nasty message. This was caught while we looked for evidence of what had touched Wendy's hair.

While walking the cell blocks of the newer side of the prison we heard the zipper on Wendy's backpack being unzipped. We stopped and immediately examined the bag, and found that it had been opened just as we had suspected. We did an impromptu EVP session, thinking that someone was trying to communicate with us and later found that this voice had been recorded.

While headed back to the main entrance after a very long overnight investigation, no one in our group was speaking at this moment. The audio device remains rolling through the entire event and this is a good example of why we do this. Even when we are not attempting to communicate with spirits, they are still there, and still trying to communicate with us. This message was not heard until after we reviewed our evidence.

We were going up the stairs to the second floor of the medical ward when we heard a voice. There was another group behind us so we asked them whether anyone just spoke, and they all agreed that nothing had been said from their team. This was the voice that we heard and this time we were lucky enough to catch it on our audio devices too.



As we are walking through the medical ward hall we continuously hear a whisper that sounds like a women's voice. We decided to stop and set up an EVP session and you can hear the whisper described just as Wendy is attempting her communication with the women.

While attempting to catch a glimpse at the shadow man that has made this prison famous, we hear a noise and want to know who's there. Turn up the volume and continue to listen just after Chris asks for the name of the person that still remains in the prison.

While in the boiler room and beginning our EVP session, Stephanie comments that she's freezing and someone there seems to agree. We also happened to have snow this night which made for an extra chilly investigation. I assume that the spirits felt the same that night.

As we walked the hall of the 2nd floor medical ward we hear a voice say "here we stay"

While filming in the cafeteria of the penitentiary, a figure pokes his head up from behind a post. It is only seen for a brief moment and then ducks back into the shadows. This image was not seen at the time the video was made. The video has been slowed down so that you can see how it appears to form from out of nowhere

This is in front of the maximum security cell block just moments after Chris says that something thumped her arm.

A mocking voice says "Hey" shortly after you hear Chris saying "Hey." Listen through the whole clip, the ghostly voice is heard near the end of the clip.


This shadow was photographed while near the visitation/exit to the yard area at the bottom of the jail. The first image is the actual photograph, and the 2nd has had all color removed so you can see the shadow image clearer.


This is an interesting photograph. It appears to be a head floating over the showers. The first picture is the true picture, and is very colorful due to the use of our UV illuminator attached to the camera. The second picture has had all color removed so you could see the image more clearly.























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