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September 20, 2013 - Woodruff-Fontaine House, Memphis TN

Members involved:
Wendy Schultz, Chris Duncan

Shawn Poole, Mazelle Attiya

We had the honor of investigating, in our home town of Memphis TN, the beautiful Woodruff-Fontaine House. It was the home of two well known families in Memphis history.

Amos Woodruff came to Memphis in 1845 to expand his carriage-making business. He bought the property and began construction in 1870. Completed in 1871, the first event held at the mansion was the wedding of Amos’ daughter, Mollie Woodruff. Mollie Woodruff Henning, is said to haunt the house. Tragically, her infant child contracted yellow fever and died in the Rose Bedroom. Not long after that, Egbert Wooldridge died of pneumonia, also in the Rose Bedroom. Mollie was devastated, but eventually married again. This marriage produced another child, but it also died in the Rose Bedroom. In 1883, the Fontaines moved out of the house. Mollie died in 1917. Some say that she moved back to the house after her death. Noland Fontaine, was the second owner of the mansion. The Fontaines of Kentucky and Tennessee are descendants of the Huguenots who fled from France to England after the 1685 edict of Nantes, immigrating to Virginia in 1716. Mr. Fontaine's company - Hill, Fontaine & Co, became the third largest cotton supply company in Memphis. He died in 1912 and his wife died in 1928.

Over the years, we read stories on the history of the home and the tragic tales of Mollie Woodruff's life there. While investigating at Ashmore Estates we were asked by Loren Hamilton with Troy Taylor's group if there were any locations in Memphis that they should checkout. We took the historical tour of the Woodruff-Fontaine House the year before and sensed a heavy presence in the home. I heard whispers along the back stairway as we were leaving the 2nd floor. So when asked, I immediately thought of this location and emailed Troy Taylor's group with the information, history, and personal experience.

On the night of our investigation, it was humid and the air was still. The house was fairly warm and I noticed the walls were solid with little to no outside noise coming in. We started with introductions in the basement area , followed by a short guided tour with our host Stephen Guenther and Tanya Vandesteeg with Expedition Unknown. After the tour, we were allowed to investigate the house as we pleased. There were 4 other small groups or pairs, maybe 20 people total investigating the house with us this night. We had two guests with us, Shawn Poole and Mazelle Attiya. We started on the 2nd floor in Mollie's room. We performed an EVP session and took photos and film. We heard nothing as we paused to listen for answers, but were not disappointed. As we reviewed our evidence however, we found several EVP's. Most seem residual in nature, the spirits never seem to be answering any direct questions though they do make comments related to our causal conversations.

We planned to move to the 3rd floor next, but took a moment to check out the other rooms on this floor. This lead us to the back stairway where I heard a whisper on my previous visit. While sweeping the stairway with my K2 Meter, I noticed several high spikes. In order to pin point who or what we may be in contact with, I started a new EVP session, but received no EVP's at this time. The spikes moved from the doorway at the base of the stairs to the top stair but would not go further than that. Also the readings only came at about knee level. This lasted for at least 10 minutes and then just stopped with no real other activity in this area. We then moved on to the 3rd floor and into Elliot's childhood room. Elliot Fontaine was one of the Fontaine's ten children that sadly died at 34 during the influenza outbreak in 1918. As we entered the room we heard a noise that sounded as if the bed was moving. We set up a grid laser light and our recorders, shortly thereafter we saw the lights become blocked out by something moving low to the ground near the fireplace across the room. Just minutes after this, Chris heard the sound of purring as if a cat was next to her side.This was very unique as there were no pets in the house during our investigation.

We heard no voices in the room, but found EVP's on our recorders as we reviewed later on that responded to our presence there. After some time with no new activity, we returned to the basement for a break. The other groups were also in the basement and we took time to share experiences. Chris decided to mention the experience with the cat sound from Elliot's room and Tanya from Expedition Unknown shared that they too had heard the mysterious cat before. After our break we explored the lowest part of the house, the basement. Our team assembled in a large room with a fireplace and banquet tables. We changed our batteries and were causually speaking when Chris felt as if something brushed against her lower leg. It was strong enough to cause her to jump. After learning that the cat experience is a relevant event in this house we stayed in the basement attempting to make contact but received no other activity.

We then moved back into Mollie's room on the 2nd floor. As we were coming up the stairs and in the hallway of the 2nd floor I heard a man's voice and thought he said my name "Wendy." I entered Mollie's room where the rest of the group was when suddenly Chris anounced "That was me." I asked if she was announcing that she had said my name, but she was in fact noting that a noise she made for the digital recorders. I stepped back into the hallway and then back up the stairs trying to account for all of the other groups. I took my time going up the stairs and began hearing a buzzing noise however no one was responding to the noise. I was if I was the only one that heard it. The sound stopped abruptly as I entered the 3rd floor hallway. I spoke with a pair of women in one of the bedrooms and asked if they heard a buzzing noise, and they stated that they hadn't which I found odd.

I returned to my group on the 2nd floor, where Chris asked if I had heard the buzzing sound and stated that it stopped as they re-entered Mollie's room. Chris and I had an exciting experience following a noise just like this at the Sedamsville Rectory, so this sound really grabbed our attention. We spent time in Mollie's room attempting to communite with her spirit when Tanya from Expedition Unknown entered the room and asked if we smelled a strong perfume scent. All of us noted the smell as she entered the room but noticed ow the smell quickly vanished just after Tanya's arrival. Tanya said the smell just hit her and followed her up the stairs to this room. We moved downstairs with her and again smelled the scent near the backdoor. After the smell had dissappeared, we moved to the 3rd floor and into what we called the costume room.

There are mannequins throughout the house that are dressed in period clothing. Mazelle is an amazing tailor, and she and I were admiring the clothing as Shawn and Chris set up the laser light and took photos. My night vision camcorder facing the room, upon review later I noticed that as we were looking at the dresses a woman's voice was received on my recorder. At that time you can also see a ball of light move away from the camcorder and out into the room. We then sat down for our evp session. We each could see the laser light being blocked out under the sofa, but upon our investigation we noticed a string hanging down that was moving from a slight breeze in the room. Undecided on whether this was a true paranormal event or an easily explained situation, we decided to pack up and move down to the main floor.

We noticed that the house had grown very quiet and realized that the other groups had departed. Shawn and Mazelle also decided it was time to pack up and head home. After helping them pack up and leave we were surprised to be invited by our host Stephen and Tanya to take a quick investigation of the tower. This being an area which was off limits to the groups due to the size of the space, also infamous for being a haunted hot spot, we were very excited to receive this invatation. An even sweeter surprise later on was that in the very short time in the tower we received, two intelligent EVP's. This quickly became my favorite part of the night. All in all ithis was a great location to investigate. Thanks to Troy Taylor's group and Expedition Unknown.





Inside the Rose room on the 2nd floor we hear this whisper that sounds like "it talks to me."

While investigating this EVP was caught. It sounds like "Good" even though it was not in responce to our questions at the time.

A short EVP discovered after investigating the Woodruff Fontaine House. It sounds like we are being told it "isn't fair."

While walking through the 3rd floor, I entered Elliot's childhood room when I got an EVP that sounds like my name "Wendy."

We got this EVP as we were questioning if the family would have owned a cat and whether it would have ever been allowed in Molly's room since she was a mother twice. Sadly she lost both her babies when they were just infants. I believe the voice in this clip is saying "baby." The voice is right at the end of the clip, the voice before the word "baby" is the end of Chris speaking

After I say "it's weird how it's not making the noise anymore" there is a voice that I believe says "They've all gone to sleep" We had just heard a strange beeping noise and could not locate the source. It only lasted a few moments and the stopped, it was not heard again.

I just announced that I was turning on equipment, to let everyone know that they would hear a beeping noise, and shortly after that I caught a low grumbley female voice saying "They can hear"

This was caught during a very quiet review of the house. We did not discover this until after review of our digital recording devise. It sounds like the whisper is telling us that "Jenny use to love him."

This clip was recorded by multiple investigators this evening. It sounds like it is saying "Pull it." but what they want us to pull, we do not know. This maybe a residual voice.

This was caught just after I recorded the EVP in the basement, where I was asked for a drink. This time, the voice does not sound as innocent, and appears to be demanding that someone be removed. "Get her out of the Kitchen."

As we were in the basement taking a break from our investigation I left my digital recorder on. I managed to catch this innocent EVP while sipping on a soda, it sems to be a quiet little voice asking me for a drink.

While in the costume room, Wendy notes that she just heard a noise, immediately after she asks "what is that noise?" this EVP was caught. We were just discussing whether or not the previous owners would have owned dogs.

This voice came as we were looking at the boxes of dresses in the costume room on the 3rd floor. We had just entered the room and Chris and Shawn were debating our equipment set up in the background.

A lot of EVPs were discovered to have been caught in what we called the Costume room, this is one of those whispers. As I was setting up our perimeter this was caught. It sounds like "No, that's what I like to do."

On the 3rd floor in the costume room, we were just settling in and we had not yet completed our setup in the room. This voice was caught on my digital recorder and was not heard until review later. It sounds like "this person is not like you." At the end of the clip you hear me zipping up my equipment bag.

This voice was caught at the end of our night. Our guides were taking Chris and I up to the lookout tower. It is a tiny space at the top of the house, a type of place kids would see as a club house. I believe the spirit is a female that says "Why do you come up here?" as if she does not want us in her hiding place.

This whisper was caught in the tower. Every other investigator had left for the evening, with the exception of two members from Expedition Unknown. Only Wendy and I were in the tower at this time. This whisper was caught and it is not one of the 4 voices of the people that remained in the house...

This is an EVP taken from the lookout tower, a great hiding place for the spirits of the home. I believe the voice is saying " My secret place"

This was the last EVP that I recorded for the night. Every other investigator had already left for the evening with the exception of Wendy, myself, and the two members from Expedition Unknown. This sounds like a male asking "who talked" and while there was a male with us at this time, he did not follow us into the tower. Only Wendy and I were inside the Tower when this was recorded.



While in Elliot's childhood room we hear a strange sound like the bed had moved. None of us were standing close to it.

This video was taken as we were looking through the costumes. There is a voice and then you will see a light move away from the camera and into the room.


Chris reacts to hearing the sound of a cat on the 3rd floor of the house, there were no animal in the home though.


As we were leaving the 3rd floor we hear a voice.


On the second floor in the back hallway, I heard footsteps on the stairs but no one ever came up the stairs or answered when I called.
























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