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October 20, 2012 - Sedamsville Rectory, Cincinnati, Ohio

Members involved:
Chris Duncan, Wendy Schultz

The Sedamsville Rectory in Cincinnati, Ohio is reportedly plagued by negative entities from a history of alleged child abuse and dogfighting took place in the house. The Rectory was featured on Ghost Adventures, where the team had a priest cleanse the property in order to remove the demons. We toured the facility after the exorcism...

Excited to take part in the "Halloween Horror 2" at the Sedamsville Rectory, we packed up our gear and headed to Ohio. We arrived close to 5PM, and after finding our way inside the foreboding house we met our friends from the Dark Forest Paranormal group. The team was already set up, and greeted other teams that arrived for the event. The Midwest Preservation Society along with Dark Forest Paranormal arranged to have Marly Gibson and Patrick Burns, who had also appeared in the Ghost Adventures episode of the Sedamsville Rectory, work with us through the night. After a good dinner we all were treated to that Ghost Adventures episode in the Attic, and then had the oppurtunity to speak with Marly and Patrick about their previous investigation.

Later that evening, we began our reseach in the bedroom at the top of the stairs also known as the "OW, OW, OW, ROOM". The room was packed with investigators, so Wendy and I decided to linger in the hallway just outside the bedroom door. This room was quite and still. Patrick and Marly opened the floor for an EVP session, and slowly, the whispers started. Sitting quietly in the hall, I began hearing responses to Marly and Patrick's questions. I even spoke up once to ask "What?" as if someone was talking directly to me, but there was only myself and Wendy in that hallway, and the whispers that I heard were not from Wendy. When I reviewed my audio, I was very satisfied to find that the whispers I heard with my own ears had also been captured on my digital recorder. At one point during the recording, it appeared that there are 2 different voices discussing my presence...

Still in the hallway, and straining to listen for the whispers that seem to be right next to me, Wendy tells me that she felt a scratch on her back and asks me to look. I was unable to see anything in the dark and at that time another member from Dark Forest Paranormal interrupted our session annoucing a finding in the "creepy room." Everyone immediately vacated the room we were currently investigating, so Wendy and I moved into the now empty room. Taking pictures throughout the room and hosting our own short EVP session. The air in the room had changed, it seemed heavier... Darker. Using my full spectrum lights and camera, I snapped a few pictures throughout the room. After reviewing my pictures I noticed a shadow that was in the closet. The shadow moves out of the closet, and into the room and then disappears.

Catching back up to the group, which had moved into the "Creepy Room", we found that a team of investigators had sprayed the walls and floors with Luminol. Luminol is used by forensic investigators to detect trace amounts of blood left at crime scenes because of its unique reaction with iron found in hemoglobin. We immediately saw the wall and floor glowing a bluish white light from where the luminol had been sprayed. I did not know this at the time, but this effect can only be documented by a long-exposure. I was unable to see the effects from the luminol in my pictures.

Moving to another room at the opposite end of the 2nd floor, again, the room was packed. Concerned with the possibility of contaminated evidence, Wendy and I remained in the hallway outside of this room. Just as the team settles and begins to investigate, a noise is heard from behind us. There are only two rooms at this end of the floor, the one in front of us where everyone has gathered, and the one behind us that is empty. Suddenly the door to the room behind us creeks open. While, we found both the noise and the door opening startling, we have to write that off for now because we were told to be quiet so as to not interfere with the session that was about to take place. Marly and Patrick begin with a real time EVP session and later incorporate a flashlight experiment, and then also attempt to communicate using the spirit box. It seems that there was nothing communicating with them in this room, but after reviewing my evidence, I found that I recorded a dog whining, and also filmed a face that appears from the behind the door. Both of these occurances are very strange for 2 reasons. The first reason is that there were no dogs in the Rectory. The whining is so clear you would have thought that that a dog was standing there with me. And second, the room under investigation was packed, but no one was able to stand behind the door, because the door was flush with the wall while someone elses camera on a tripod w/two IR lights held the door wide open.

We moved into the infamous "Creepy Room" next, which was rumored to have been the location where children were abused. After multiple attempts to start an EVP session, one of the investigators begins to get sick. She leaves with the help of a friend, and shortly afterwards the investigation is again stopped due to noises and loud talking coming from downstairs. A member of the investigation leaves the room to go downstairs only to return announcing that no one was found downstairs... The investigation begins again with the spirit box and other types of experimental ghost hunter gear being used in an attempt to communicate with spirits. The room had grown unnaturally cold. A cold spot had moved from one end of the room to another until it finally dissappeared. Once the cold spot left the room, the investigation ended and we moved back downstairs.

So far we we hadn't been able to investigate in our own private setting, however the night had already proved to be eventful. We ended up in the kitchen, and once again involved in a group EVP session. This also turned out to be a grand slam. Several times the same name was produced signifying the name of a person that had some involvement with a dog fighting ring that took place in that house. Also a password was provided. This all occurred during the hour we stood in that room investigating. The door to the butler's stairs opened and shut briefly, and suddenly someone's equipment in another room just fell over. Finally, after the Kitchen EVP session, we were able to split up and investigate on our own... The night had finally started for us, and up to the attic we went.

In the attic we did not feel alone, but felt as if around every nook and cranny, someone was hiding. We attempted to host our own EVP session however being newcomers in a house that has seen far to many visitors we did not seem to get any reaction. We heard a few whispers, and tried using a variety of tools trying to make a connection, but after some time the room grew quiet, and so we made our way down to the 2nd floor. As we came down the steps and entered into the butler's quarters, we both heard an alarm going off. It was a motion alarm but we couldnt tell where it was coming from. We moved slowly down the hall and made our way passed the butler's stairs and as I entered into the creepy room a strong odor hit me as if something fowl was in the room. It was strong, and it stopped me just as I crossed the threshold of the room, so I stepped back out. Just as I turned left towards the stairs I saw a man standing in the stairs holding the stair rail, and startled as I was, I lurched back into Wendy. At that same time I saw the figure in the stairs, she came rushing towards me as she was having an experience like nothing she's ever encountered. She felt as though she was being rushed on both sides by seperate entities, she couldn't move towards either side, she could only push forward. Having rushed into me, and I assumed at the time that I startled her, I immediately tried to stop her from trying to go anywhere. I turned back towards the stairs grinning expecting to see a man there laughing at the scene Wendy and I had caused, when I realized that no one was there. The man I saw had dissapeared. I was only holding a flashlight at the time, and remember as I turned seeing only a black figure with his arm holding the stair rail...

Wendy and I stood there for a long time recounting exactly what happened, and as we retraced every step we noticed that the alarm we heard earlier had already stopped. We decided that it was best for us to walk down the same steps where I saw the figure. Going down the steps, which lead right into the kitchen, the other team had already begun to wrap up. The lights were all on, and they were picking up from the dinner and collecting their gear. We mentioned the alarm we heard and the figure we saw, but no one in the room seemed to have any interest in talking about our encounter. It was suddenly so strange, and the group that had seemed to welcome the stories and discussions of the happenings in that house and suddenly decided to no longer acknowledge it. Wendy and I began feeling as if we shouldn't be in the house anymore, gathered our belongings and headed to our hotel for the night.

Everything about this place seemed strange. From the moment we arrived to even after we left, the Rectory just didnt feel right. It has taken me a long time to work on this case, simply because I dont feel that whatever was living in this house is finished. Also, I dont have evidence of what I saw in that stairwell that night, but I know what I saw, I know what I smelled and I know what I felt. I think that the Rectory carries a great piece of history nestled in what was once Sedamsville Ohio, however the darkness that remains inside the walls of the Rectory will never allow anyone to reside their peacefully.




The next four pictures are of the hallway at the top of the stairwell on the 2nd floor. Wendy and I are standing on the opposite end of the long hall listening in on Patrick preparing the investigators for an EVP session in the "Ow, Ow, Ow room" when I snapped a picture of the mirror. I was using my Digiblu camera to take several pictures and did not notice this figure until after review. The interesting thing about this is the figure that I found in the picture would have had to be standing near the railing on the other end of the hallway for you to see the full outline, otherwise they would be floating where the staircase is... No one was in that hallway with Wendy and I, they all sat inside the room to our right partaking in the EVP session.

After the EVP session completed in the "Ow, Ow, Ow room" everyone moved out suddenly as an experiment was beginning in the "Creepy Room." Wendy and I took this opportunity to move into the room now that it was empty and take a few pictures. The next four pictures are of a shadow that appears to move out of the closet near the closet door, and then disappears. I was using my regular camera with a full spectrum illumination light attachment when this was captured.

Face in the corner (long)
While filming an EVP session that another group was conducting I moved my camera around and caught this face behind the door. The door was flush with the wall as a woman was sitting at the base, using the door to prop herself up as she sat. I don't know why a living person would be behind the door during the EVP session.

Face in the corner (short)
This is a shorter clip of the face I saw behind the door after reviewing my evidence. I slowed down the play so you can see exactly what I found.

It haunts you
This was in what they call "The bad room" on the 2nd floor, I had just turned my recorder back on after a break, the voice sounds like it's saying something about haunting you

Breath "Hey" in the attic
While in the attic, with no other groups, Wendy and I both hear a very breathy "hey" and this was caught on the audio recorder as well... It is very short and very low in this recording, but we were able to document this as it was heard at the time it was caught. This was captured on more then one audio, the other clip is on You tube.

Laughing in the Attic
While only Chris and Wendy are investingating the attic space, using a spirit box in an attempt to communicate this laugh was recorded.

Telling me to shutup
At the end of my sentence it sounds like a quick whisper, telling me to shut up as I recount what I just saw to Wendy.

Sounds like a baby
In "The Creepy Room" this was caught while taking a breaking in between EVP sessions. This was such a strange noise to hear when reviewing our evidence, all you expect to hear are other people talking, this sounds like a baby cooing...

Save the Childrens
This is on the 2nd floor during anEVP session where the group was asked to remain silent and still. There is the sound of an Ovilus in the background, but with that there is what sounds like an older lady saying "save the childrens." This clip is unique given the dark history of child abuse by the priests.

Scream in the creepy room
Wendy and I were alone inside "The Creepy Room" when this scream was caught, only we did not hear it with our own ears at the time this was recorded. Also this room is located on the 2nd floor and is nestled in between other rooms. If this was a human screaming we would have at least heard the scream or other people reacting to the scream.

Light passes by in the mirror
Sitting in the hall, outside of "The Ow, Ow, Ow Room" currently being investigated, I focused my camera on the mirror at the end of the dark hall. All of the sudden a light or a shadow passes by the mirror quickly. Everyone was piled inside the room to my right while Wendy also lingered in the doorway. I cannot explain what this light in the mirror is.

Help you (short)
All investigators are in the basement of the Sedamsville Rectory during the time this was captured. You can hear Patrick's audio recorder playing in the background and while we listen, this whisper was heard. This is the short clip for "Help You" as this is what I believe is being said, the full version is on You Tube.

Feels like a jerk
The entire investigating party was sitting in what is known as "The Creepy Room." While filming the EVP session I captured this whisper, and although it sounds more like a name is being said in the beginning of this sentence, I am unable to clearly make it out, so I titled this "Feels like a jerk"

You'll never
Standing in the kitchen discussing the animal abuse that once took place in the Rectory, this whisper was caught. It says "you'll never", I am not sure what this was in reference to. Everyone was talking loudly just moments before this was caught, so this could have been a direct response to someones question in the room.

Yes i am...
While another investigation team is using a spirit box in the upstairs of the Sedamsville Rectory, Marly asks "Ready?" She was about to tap on the floor hoping to communicate for the ghost to respond, meanwhile a response was actually captured and seems to be vocalized though the spirit box, while no one heard this with their own ears...

The scream (long)
We are all gathered around while listening to the recordings from the previous EVP session in the first bedroom at the top of the stairs, when all of the sudden this scream is heard. Everyone in the room hears this very clearly, and in this clip you will also hear everyone reacting. This is the full version of the scream (long), the short clip is on YouTube.

Tear apart
I was unable to participate in the complete EVP session in the basement due to all the dust. I had an attack and had to step outside for some fresh air. Wendy followed me outside and we stood on the porch talking. While outside allowing my allergies to calm, my audio recorder was still turned on, and this strange whisper was captured. I cannot fully make it out but what I hear is "Going to tear apart your ears."

Spirit dog
There were NO ANIMALS in the house we investigated. Ok yes, we saw racoons and cats outside in the yard that night, but no animals in the house at all. With that said, where is this coming from? This was not heard at the time it was caught, only after reviewing the evidence did I hear it. This is very loud and clear as if I'm standing in the room with the dog that is barking. This clip is very interesting becuase of the extremly violent history of dog fights and animal abuse in the Rectory. Later EVP sessions in the kitchen provided more details on the individuals involved in the abuse...

What is it?
This is on the 2nd floor of the Rectory, just as Chris and I are discussing some of the item in the room we captured this low voice. It is hard to clearly identify but what we think we hear is "What is it?" or "What the ****?"

You'll fall
This was on the 1st floor. There are people talking in the back ground, though you'll here the whispering captured in this EVP saying "you'll fall"

Get out of here
While sitting in the "Creepy Room" and preparing to start another EVP session with the entire party, I caught this very low female whisper. It sounds like its saying "get out of here."

Bobby Mackey's EVP
Since we were just minutes away from Bobby Mackey's we had to stop by on our way back home and pay this famous haunted site a little visit. Unfortunatly the country western bar was not open at 9am on Sunday morning, so we were only able to look around the outside premise. Wendy turned on her recorder for a brief session behind the buiding. In that short time Wendy caught this voice while she was by herself. She was sitting alone, close to the stairs facing the train tracks behind the building. This sounds like the voice is saying "help me here"























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