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August 4, 2012 - Ashmore Estates, Ashmore IL

Members involved:
Wendy Schultz, Chris Duncan


Ashmore Estates was first used in 1870 as a poor farm for Cole County. Stories say that in its day as a poor farm, many lost their lives due to bad health, but the saddest story would have to be that of a 4 year old girl named Elva Skinner, that died after her dress caught fire from an open flame. Elva and her family lived on the farm because her father had died years before and they had nowhere to go. The farm was home to many lost souls. Some say they can still hear Elva at Ashmore Estates. In 1959, Ashmore Estates became a private psychiatric hospital, then closed in 1964 due to debt. Later, Ashmore was reopened as a state mental home only to close 15 years later for mostly the same reasons. Over the years the living conditions became increasingly bad, at one point the estate was deemed unfit for residents. This building's hardships have seemed to attach themselves to the walls and leave an energy that attracts many paranormal investigators. (For a full history on Ashmore Estates check out our History page.)
We first saw Ashmore Estates on the popular TV show "Ghost Adventures" and were so excited to see that the paranormal group “Inner Circle” which also hosts a radio show "Bump in the Night" was holding an event there. Most of the time our investigations consist of only Chris and myself, so we are often finding overnight events hosted with other paranormal groups. This has always been fun for us, because it allows us to meet other teams and hear about new locations. I have to say this was our best event for that aspect of paranormal investigating. Everyone we came across was very friendly and seemed extremely interested in hearing about our adventures and also sharing their own experiences. We mostly run into investigators that are not interested in sharing the investigation space and seem very standoffish, and we have gotten used to exploring on our own. While Ashmore Estates is 3 floors, the space was very limited and is much smaller than it appears on TV, so the welcoming attitudes from everyone involved was extremely motivating and very appreciated.
We began the night with introductions and a brief history on Ashmore Estates by owner Scott Kelly. Then we walked the building with Loren Hamilton from Inner Circle Paranormal getting a feel for the space. Next it was time to split into teams. We paired ourselves with two ladies from IN, Robin and Jamie. We started on the 1st floor, took photos and set up in the middle of the hallway beginning an EVP session with a spirit box that Robin brought. We could hear the another team doing the same, and we realized immediately that collecting EVP’s in this location was going to be a challenge, but definitely not a waste of time. As we spoke out to the spirits of Ashmore, Jamie felt as if someone tapped her on the shoulder. We asked "who touched her?" or "is anyone there?", but we wouldn't get a direct response. We finally heard the name “Bob” in a male voice and then again in a female voice. The action in the room appeared to pick up as we were trying to leave. We heard “help” and “don’t leave” over the spirit box, but when we couldn't make out why or what help they needed we moved our investigation into the basement. Since the basement was empty besides the four of us, and a bit more sound then the other floors, we hoped the spirits asking for help would continue to contact us in the basement where we could hear them more clearly. We set up at the far end of the basement though we dispersed shortly after, as it seemed very quiet in that room. I set up on the back stairs, and Chris with Robin and Jamie, set up a laser light down the hallway facing the entryway. While in the stairwell, I heard a strange sound and could not make it out. I wondered if it was someone was trying to speak to me from the other side. After 20 minutes passed with no other action and not being able to make out the sound, I joined the ladies again. Chris noted that for a short time she smelled coffee in the basement hall but it disappeared in minutes. Shortly after that we were called out front for a break and review of experiences.
There was nothing of major concern being mentioned as they went around from one group to the next. Though the other groups were getting a lot of the same experiences we were having. So Loren shared his stories and showed us his hot spots. Chris began talking with Lee Anderson from Dark Forest Paranormal and stuck up a friendship. Robin and Jamie had followed Loren and we became separated from them. We decided to pair with Lee and investigate the 2nd floor. A ladder that led into the attic was left there, so I balanced myself and the video camera at the top to take a peek, however I was weary that I would lose my balance and fall if a creature was waiting in that insulation to surprise me, a peek was all I could handle. I carefully climbed back down to my awaiting comrades. Next we set up the green laser again and watched and waited. We were all very excited when about 15 minutes in we saw lights actually appearing. It was as if something was blocking out the light from the beginning and was now moving. We examined different ideas to see if it was something explainable, such as dust kicking up in front of the light, but could find no other explanation for this occurrence. It happened a few times within a 5 minute period, so I moved toward the laser light with my camera and voice recorder to see if a spirit would communicate more with me. As I stood there, very still, the laser lights moved more and I became overwhelmed with the feeling that something was around me. My legs from the knee down were tingly. After a while it stopped reacting to my presence and moved toward Chris and Lee. I asked “why did you leave me” and “please come back” and I had the tingling in my legs again. Again it moved back towards Chris and Lee and I moved back near them. Over time the feel of the hall went back to normal and we decided to move to the basement boiler room.
When we entered the boiler room there was another 2 man team there running a Frank's Box session. They announced that they weren't having much luck and moved on shortly after we arrived. Lee placed glow sticks in the room outside of the boiler room to help with seeing any shadow people that might appear. After I sat down to watch and was being very still, something touched my shoulder. A tap much like what Jamie had described earlier. I stayed still and slowly moved my head to look to see if there was something there and to my surprise there wasn't. I have only been touched once before during an investigation, so this was exciting to me. Lee had a PX device and I began asking “who touched me” and for them to communicate with us but we received nothing on the PX. After about 30 minutes we moved back to the 1st floor. There we met up with Robin and Jamie again and they showed us one of Loren's hot spots where another investigator had seen a young man's face earlier. Funny story: Jamie leads the way to the spot back behind an area that is used for storing the haunted house equipment that Scott Kelly does in October, she and I walk all the way to the back and then I turn around to go back around to the other girls when right in front of me is a little boys shadow that looked so real through my camera. I stopped in my tracks and waited for it to move. Jamie came from behind me and I asked her if she sees he same thing, she put her flashlight on it and we discovered it was painted on the wall. Just a word to the wise, when you are investigating places that are used as haunted house as well... Beware of props!
So we took a small break outside and re-entered with Lee on the 1st floor. As we were passing an area blocked off by bars (much like you’d see in a jail), Lee heard something tap the metal. We stopped and Chris noted that she felt a heaviness in her chest. She moved away from that spot and right away felt better. So Lee urged her to go back. This time it was Lee that felt a differences in the room and even felt chills on his right arm. I will note that we were in a room off of the hallway with no openings from windows and Chris and I were sweating. We tried an EVP session but that was short lived.. Sadly it was 2 am and the event was over. We said our goodbyes and hit the road for our drive home.




We made it to the hallway of the 2nd floor, and started an EVP session. I took a few shots of the hallway and our surroundings during the investigation however I did not notice this at the time the photo was taken. Look at the shadowy apparition appearing on the door facing on the opposing wall...

This is the same picture as above, but you can click on this and make it large so you can see more definition. Notice that the shoulder of the dark figure is visible even where there is nothing for a shadow of an actual person to reflect on.

Aside from there not being anyone with us, having hair like this, the fact that the mysterious figure appears to be blocking out the light of an empty room leads me to believe that this is a shadow person.







Call Johnny Poole
I just asked several questions regarding whether or not the stories were true about demons being here, with no known response. So I commented that I hoped they were answering me and I just couldn't hear them right now...

Can you yell something...shut up
Shortly after we entered the building on the 1st floor hallway right pass the nurse's station. I hear two voices.

I hear a female voice followed by another voice or a sound that seems to respond to her. I was alone by the nurse's station on the 1st floor.

Don't go back there
I hear a female voice and we were in the far in of the basement and I had just said that I would go to the stairs by myself and the others stay in the hallway.

Did the just step on you?
This was recorded just as we entered the building and headed down the stepes into the basment. As we made our way dpwnstairs it seems as if someone was speaking to another, and asked if someone just stepped on them...

O, Dont stop here
Entereing the estate a team of us are trying to decide if we should head down or upstairs. We ultimitely decide to go downstairs, but while trying to decide, this EVP was caught that seems to tell us to not stop there.

This was recorded in the basement, it was in the same hallway where the EVP "They just stepped on you" was recorded.

I have two, 1, 2
This was also in the basement near the bottom of the stairwell... Where the spirits referring to me and another woman who had just entered the stairwell?

Save me
I hear a little girl's voice and it came as we were setting up the glow sticks in the boiler room. Chris and I hear the noise in real time but were talking between the sound so we thought it was us.

That was me
This came right after the man we where with said he was hearing people talking. It's a deep male voice but done as a whisper. We were in the boiler room.

This came after a man in our group says he has goose bumps. It was in a room off the 1st floor hallway around 2am.

Don't kill them
We were just told that it was time for us to wrap up our evening as it had reached 2:00 AM, this EVP was captured on the main floor and would be one of our last for the Ashmore. Just a moment before this was recorded a cold spot had attached itself to Lee, another investigator in the room with us.





Something drifting across the hall
The camera was continuously recording in the hallway of the basement, however pointed down, and caught this orb that drifts across the floor...


Her Baby
The camera was left in the hallway of the basement, while unattended the EVP was caught. It sounds like it says "Her baby"


Orb in the Hall
Orbs floating towards the camera as we have set up to watch for movement in the hall of the 2nd floor.


A Breathy word, could be saying Papa... There was no one at the camera at the time which makes this one interesting...


Whisper in the Hallway
This was caught on the first floor of the Ashmore, sounds like it says "I dont want to be dead"











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