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November 5, 2011 - Magnolia Manor, Bolivar TN

Members involved:
Wendy Schultz, Chris Duncan


The Magnolia Manor in Bolivar, TN is pretty famous where we come from. The town itself has many stories of the days during the Civil War when the Magnolia Manor and other homes like The Columns were used as command posts for the Union Generals. Many believe the history of those days still carry an energy throughout the town today. Every October you can catch a ghost tour that starts at the Manor and moves through the town's historical graveyards and Victorian homes, telling the history of the town and allowing you to view some of the other paranormal groups that have collected experiences in the area. All this was enough to peak our interest and we wanted to see what we could experience ourselves.

When we arrived in Bolivar, we first visited Polk Cemetery where the Miller Family, former owners of the Magnolia Manor, are buried. We paid our respects and attempted to connect with the spirits of the home. We took photos with our digital and full-spectrum camera, along with running our voice recorders. The mood was quiet and peaceful. We spent about 2 hours there but received no evidence. Next we stopped by the old Western Mental Health hospital. Though the building has no connection to the house, this is just not a place you can drive by and not stop as a ghost hunter. The building has that traditional "old hospital must be haunted" look. We have heard a few stories but they are always unverified, so the validity still remains open until further investigation. We took pictures from the outside, with no findings. We checked for a way in, but only found a few open windows in the basement area and chose not to push our luck by going in without having a quick way out if need be. I should note that we are much more afraid of cops then ghosts. Just saying.

We then arrived at Magnolia Manor for check-in time. We booked the cottage so that we could experience the whole house. At our time of arrival, we were the only guests on the books for that night, but around cocktail hour a young couple who visited the house often showed up. Lucky for us they liked staying there for the ghosts and not peace and quiet. So we got along just fine. We met the owner Elaine Cox and explained what had brought us there and asked about her experiences. Elaine had said she was unaware of the reasons that spirits remained in the house. She had never known of any traumatic experience, only the history of who owned the house and what it was like during the Civil War. That's when the house was occupied by Union Generals and that even General Sherman had left a mark on the staircase with his sword. Though we did note that she had furnished the whole house with period pieces and that could hold some kind of energy. Still it is a mystery to why spirits remain in this home.

She told us that she had never had a negative experience in the house, and that when she does see spirits it is just as if they are watching her. After our "meet and greet" we went to town for dinner and then came back to gear up for the evening. We walked the outside grounds, taking photos and notes, then re-entered the main house and started upstairs to investigate the first room of the night, The Austin Miller room. The Austin Miller room is the largest bedroom of the house it was Judge Miller's room in 1889 and also where General Grant slept when occupying the house. There have been many stories of a solider who tries to remove your boots or of children playing in this room. We started by creating a base line with the EMF sweep. We then set up our digital cameras and documented the room with photos and digital recordings. We find that the ghosts love to comment on things we do even when we are not directing our attention towards them, so we begin our digital recordings from the moment we arrive at an investigation site and run it until the moment we leave. The mood was quiet and very still in the room.

Now I should say that the owners remained in their part of the house downstairs at this time and the couple had left the house. After about 45 minutes in this room and no real experiences, suddenly I saw a shadow move outside the bedroom door. I moved quickly to check the hall but no one was upstairs or even moving up the stairs. I did not catch this on camera but I did see it with my own eyes which was pretty exciting. What makes this even better is that after reviewing my digital recorder it seems as if a spirit which I believe is Anne Miller was trying to communicate with us and had left the room around the same time. We moved into the hallway and then decided to investigate another smaller bedroom on the opposing wall of the hallway. We went through the same motions in here; video, photos, recorders. In this room though, we decided to try something we had seen another paranormal group do with success. We played music in an attempt to please the young female spirit(s). Though we did receive EVP'S during this attempt they were very random...

It seems more like they were telling one another not to speak to us and repeatedly asking what we were doing. While we were spending time in that room the couple had come back to their room, which was the 1849 room and the last room on the second floor. During our conversation with them they advised that they have stayed in this room many times before and always experience something unusual, like closest doors that won't stay shut or dolls that move. Lamps that turn on by themselves, orbs that appear in pictures, and cold spots. They believed all of the action was due to a oil painting of a woman that hung in the room, believed to be Lizze Miller. They said the picture gave them a strange feeling. The couple gave us a few moments in their room to run an EVP session while they stepped outside. When they returned they noticed that along with our gear we had a Ouija board. Now I want to take a moment to say we do not put much faith if any into the idea of a store bought Milton Bradley Ouija board, but we are open-minded and like to try different things. Also I should say we were unaware of the owner's views and rules against Ouija boards and am sorry for that. At the time we did not know and were interested in giving it a try only as another method to make contact.

The couple saw the board and were really curious so we decided to try it together. As I got the EMF meter ready, I noticed it was already reading a 3, but this only happened as I moved my hand across the top of the meter. We experimented with this for a while and tried other other places in the room and with other people, however the meter continued to read a 3 only when in my hands. We were unsure of the cause but needed to get started using the Ouija board. We thought that if it the meter's reaction was caused by a spiritual energy we should have a greater reaction when attempting to communicate through the board. We spent at least 45 minutes on the board and while I do believe that it may have very well moved on its own, (You have to understand that my partner and I trust each other and want to be honest with everything we do, and I did do my best to watch the couples hands but there are always "never knows" with strangers) the board could not give us any clear information. It was an interesting experience though and even at one point my hands were ice cold and the others were hot or the young man's hands were cold and no one else's were including mine. Once we felt like the action had settled with the board and we weren't getting anywhere, we packed it up and the couple took another break outside while we did another EVP session. This time we got some real-time activity when Chris asked me what time it was and if it was Sunday yet and a voice simply replied "yeah" so loudly that Chris said she could feel her recorder vibrate in her hand. It was enough to wake us up and get us pumped for the move downstairs.

We hit the cottage for some caffeine and then back to the main house to investigate the 1st floor. We started on the back sun porch and moved to the living room and dining room area. We placed cameras and took photos. While trying to do an EVP session, Chris's video camera kept shutting off. The battery was not low because this actually happened first in the 1849 room and when we went back to the cottage, the battery was checked at that time. It was unexplainable that even after turning it back on twice, it continued to shut off on its own throughout our 2 hours spent in this room. We investigated for about an hour just trying to get a feel of the room when the owner's son came in to visit. We made small talk, and tried to ask him about his experiences growing up here but he was reluctant to open up. So we didn't push and just kept it at a friendly visit. Around 2 am we decided to head back to the cottage and investigate there along with the backyard. The owners have a photo of the storage building back there that someone took years ago and you can see a man's face inside the window of the building.

We took photos outside but it was so windy that night that digital recording was out. We set up in the cottage and tried for about an hour to receive some kind of reaction but felt or heard nothing. We decided to call it a night, and for the first time ever, sleep in a place we had investigated. In all the cases we've done, we always stayed up all night then went back to our homes. But we both had family duties the next day and we had paid for the night so... here goes nothing, we were sleeping with the very same ghosts we were trying to stir up. It was definitely a different experience and I think we just didn't know how to behave. It's hard to shut off that searching through the darkness kind of mind and attitude and just relax and go to sleep. Nevertheless we got some sleep, had a wonderful breakfast the next morning and headed back to home, excited to see what was waiting for us in our findings.




In the 1849 room we began getting ready to investigate. As Wendy placed her EMF meter on the bed she noticed it was already reading a 3-4, however the meter appeared to be reacting to Wendy alone. She experimented with this for about 30 minutes. We all continued to watch as the meter followed Wendy alone. The meter finally stopped reacting, and then did not give off a reading for a while. Was there something here attempting to communicate with us?

We had wrapped up the investigation from indside the Magnolia Manor and decided to investigate the grounds, however this was cut short as the weather started to turn bad. As we headed back to our cabin, this picture was taken. Notice the dark shape that seems to peer out at us from inside the kitchen window...

Same image with circles.





Whose bag is this?
This was on in the sun room and we had put our packs down.

This is in the Austin Miller room and we were introducing ourselves. It is a real soft "Anna" at the end.

Avoid them
This was just as we were setting up in the first bedroom to the right of the stairs.

Do you want to move?
While one investigator stands at he foot of the bed playing music to assist in the paranormal investigation, a voice from out of no where is captured, and seems to be motioning for the investigator to get out of the way...

Bad voice with Exhale
Both investigators are upstairs and are talking, you'll hear a strange deep voice over one investigator, and then a deep exhale that was not from the either living person in the room.....

This is right after we enter the 1812 room. No question was asked. The EMF meter was laying on the bed and would register a reading as we move in front of it, which is not normal for a EMF meter and never has done this before.

Doctor... Please dont go...
This was in the 1812 room, we were looking through the room and the investigator heard this voice in real time.

Rubbage... What?!
Just after announcing that the day was almost over, and that it was almost Sunday, this EVP was captured. In fact the EVP was recognized as soon as it was caught because it was heard coming from out of the digital audio device itself. It was even felt like a tiny vibration. You'll here the investigator quickly reply after the EVP is caught asking "What?"

Reaction to EVP
This was in the 1812 room, as the investigator was talking about the time and day a voice came over her record so loud that she felt the vibration in her hand.

Dont Go!
This came as we were leaving the main house at the end of the night (early morning 2a.m). We were leaving out of the living room area and in the hallway. We had been talking with the owner's son for the past hour and there were no other evps found in that time.

Get Them
This is in the cottage shortly before we leave to go to the main house.

Voice in Cottage
This was in the cottage after we returned from the main house and were unpacking.








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