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October 8, 2011 - James Eldred House, Eldred, IL

Members involved:
Wendy Schultz, Chris Duncan


The James Eldred home in Eldred, IL is a house rich with history and tragedy. Just google the name James Eldred and you can find a long family history of where his name came from and how this house became his home. But what we were most interested in, as most paranormal investigators are, was the darker times. The stories about his daughters' deaths, the traveling salesman, and Mr. Eldred himself. What makes this historic structure a home to lost spirits? Why did they never leave? And will they communicate with us now?

We traveled 7 hours from middle of nowhere Atoka, TN to middle of nowhere Eldred, IL just to answer these burning questions. When we first pulled up, we were instantly excited and ready to jump in. The property owners were very nice and had an excited energy about them, which was welcoming after our long trip. The house was beautiful, even in its dilapidated state, with great big stone walls and large windows. The inside is large and grand for a home of its time. There were wall and ceiling pieces that had fallen everywhere, with floor boards missing in some spots. It was obvious that not much have been done to the house since the time the Eldred family had lived here, making it still very much their home.

After the introductions and history lesson, we spent the next hour and a half moving through the whole house with a guide and about ten other people per floor. Due to the noise and time limits, it was difficult to set up shop anywhere and really take our time investigating. So we snapped photos and swept the house for EMF. We had few experiences, mostly we moved through the house just like you would move through a museum. We heard singing on the front porch as we were entering the house to go to the first floor and later Chris got inteference on her recorder in that same spot. I was standing in the men's parlor during this time, and having the overwhelming feeling of sickness in my stomach. With no real known evidence and the hour and a half up, the guides called us back outside to regroup. They gave a little more history and asked if any one had experienced anything.

We had little to report, so it was a short meeting. Then we were set free to move around as we pleased. The "cheese room", which had reports of spirits touching you, was the first thing on our minds, but we were a
little late and another group had the same plan. We decided to wait it out in a room directly across from it. So I set my video camera up on a tripod and attempted an EVP session while we waited. As the other group was leaving, I went for my camera picking it up by the tripod and was shocked when my camera crashed to the ground. As I pieced it back together, I discovered that a pin that held the moveable piece on the tripod which is the part you attached the camera to, had fallen out. I have no evidence of this truly being paranormal, but I must tell you that the camera was securely attached after I set it up and no-one ever touched it as it stood there.

What's even stranger, is after reviewing our video we discovered the camera stopped recording on its own, just minutes before I ever went to pick it up. Also before and after this event we caught some EVPs, that left us wondering if some spirit was examining my equipment and caused this to happen. After I put my camera back in working order and as we were leaving that room I got an overwhelming feeling that something was behind me and wanted me out. I actually pushed passed my partner, Chris, so I could get out. But I controlled my fear and turned back to snap a few quick shots. Seeing nothing on our cameras we moved into the "cheese room". We had a short EVP session, during which Chris believed she saw a shadow moving cross the wall. As new people entered the room we decided to move on.

Next we headed back outside and as we were snapping a few more photos, Chris thought she saw a dark shadow in the attic window. Yes, there were people in the house, but to her this looked very different and strange. So we headed that way. There was no one in the attic when we arrived so we did an EVP session and took photos. When we felt that we were not getting any responses, we moved to the nursery. Only minutes after being there we were called by the guides back down to the basement for a group EVP session. I must say that the idea of 30 people in one room while trying to commutate with another world, didn't sound like it would work to me, but turned out to be interesting nonetheless. After that we took a moment to explore the first floor for a short while.

Then we returned to the second floor. We visited the girls' room and then looked for any activity in the nursery. Lastly we revisited the other two bedrooms on the second floor. I got a sick feeling in my stomach as I had before on the first floor men's parlor that is right below one of these bedrooms, but felt better as I left the room. Then before we knew it, the night was over and the owners were closing up the house. We said our thank yous and goodbyes and then packed up for our long trip home. I must say that only once did I feel a presence in this house, but like so many times before our evidence has proven that we were not alone and the James Eldred home was definitely worth visiting for a paranormal experience.




Using the full spectrum camera, Wendy snapped a shot of the outside entrance to the second floor while no one was in the house. In the left window there appears to be a figure.

During our investigation of the outside, Chris captured a figure standing in front of the lady in the red shirt. It also seems that the figure is holding up a hand, possibly to block the lady from taking pictures.

Same image with circles.

This picture is of the same area, taken a few seconds later. The figure remains.

Same image with circles.



What is this you want from me?
Chris and Wendy are alone in the basement, and in the room where Wendy's tripod collapsed.

Sorry that tool broke
This was during the group EVP session in the basement, and one of the female guides had just asked about the spirits knocking over Wendy's camera (which isn't really what happened, but the camera did fall to the ground when the tripod mysteriously fell apart.)

It knows when you sing
We were standing in the dining room, moving into the women's parlor.

I don't like them

I'm waiting for them here
This was during the group EVP session and after someone asked if the spirits wanted them to play more music. Because they had been playing music earlier that day during another event.

Get out, the family's sleeping
This was as we were doing the group EVP session in the basement.

Baby crying
We were talking with the tour guide as this came from down the hall, but we did not hear this with our own ears, and there were no babies at the ghost hunt.

Yes do it, or lets do it
This EVP was captured just after Chis asks if the team should try using the "Ghost" or "Franks" box to communicate with the man in the Cheese-room.

Stab Her
Chris and Wendy are the standing in the dining room, this is during a sweep of the first floor. At this time you will hear a man saying "Stab her", though this was not heard by either investigator prior to reviewing the evidence.

While in the basement, Wendy's camera had fallen from the tripod, and oddly enough it seemed as though the pins holding the camera in place had been pushed out. As Wendy collected all of the pieces to the tripod, scattered all over the ground, one of the guides began demanding that the spirit responsible to come forward and apologize. This EVP seems to be a direct response to the guide asking for an apology.

So, who's the guy?
Just as we are wrapping up the group EVP session in the basement, I catch one last EVP.

Singing lady, Can I/We help you?
We left the group to head back to the truck to take a short break. As we stood on either sides of the truck, talking, a digital recodring devise had been left on. During this time a strange singing voice was captured.

Chris and Wendy wrap up their short break in the truck and begin walking back towards the front of the house. While, we were not attempting an EVP session at this time, it proved to be a good thing that the digital recording devise had been left on...

Singing in the attic
We continue to catch singing throughout the house. Here is another clip of a woman singing, however this time Chris hears the singing while Wendy confirms that she does not.

Easy there cotton
This EVP was another captured while Chris and Wendy are taking a break back at the truck. Chris is attempting to replace her batteries, and having a hard time with the zipper of her equipment bag. A voice says "Easy there Cotton." Was she referring to how forcefully Chris was at attemping to close her bag?

Up and Down
This came while upstairs in the babies room. We did not know at the time but the entire group was in the basement beginning the EVP session without us. We were the only team in the house at this time.


Ball of light in the basement
During the initial tour of the house a guide advised that he was pushed when standing against the center post in that room. Chris then goes to stand next to that post and waits to see if the same will happen to her. Meanwhile Wendy sits facing Chris and captures footage of a ball of light that appears on the left side of her.



















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