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February 19, 2011

Members involved:
Wendy Schultz, Chris Duncan, Christine Coulter (S.P.O.T)

Night Investigation:
The local legend is that there once was an old, homeless man that lived in the underground tunnel. He went mad and began killing people and leaving their bodies in those tunnels. To us, this sounded like the perfect recipe for lost souls to harvest and we were excited to see for ourselves what was really going on.

We teamed up with Southern Paranormal Of TN (SPOT) for this investigation. Lead investigator, Christine Coulter, researched the local library and could find no records of any serial killing homeless man in the news clippings but did learn the land was used for a gun factory in the 1940s, which once had an explosion that claimed the life of one employee. There also was a plane crash nearby in 1944 where 9 of the 10 crew members lost their lives. From the time spent here, that doesn't seem to be the only terrible history connected to this location. I really feel that this is one past that only the spirits could truly tell.

The road long and dark, and only a few houses scattered here and there. We pulled onto a road that opened up to our location, the night was extremely dark as the sky was filled with clouds. There were 4 of us that night, Christine from SPOT, Chris Duncan and Wendy Schultz(myself) from COTN and a close friend of ours, Shawn Poole, who was acting just as an interested party. As we geared up we surveyed the area and because of the lack of light could not make out much. We could see large rock formations which must have been the old factory that seemed to be buried in the woods, a gravel road that lead around a field, and a long fence that separated the field from an old storage building. We began slowly walking down the gravel road.

None of us were truely eager to begin our investigation, but one person could not even make it out onto the path. Shawn. She backed out after only 20 minutes and headed to the car, which later proved to not be such a bad thing. As we continued down the path, we were hearing whispers all around us that seemed to be coming from different spirits. They were hard to make out, so we lost which direction we should have been going. We followed the path around and heard more whispers, we stopped to listen and shortly after that we heard a large movement right next to us in the woods. It sounded like a deer running through the bushes, but once we yelled out in an attempt to scare it off, the noise stopped.

No animal ever came out of the woods and we never heard the sound again. We all got the feeling that something didn't want us to go any further, but we continued down the path anyway looking for the tunnels. We made it down to where it looked like the path stopped. With the darkness all around us, we could not see any further. As we debated what to do next we began wondering how our friend was doing alone in the car. We turned on our cell phones and tried to call her, but she didn’t answer. After a few more attempts, we decided to go back and check. Chris and Christine waited on the path as I went to the car. When I got there, Shawn exited the car and began to tell me about how her phone wasn’t working right and how she had tried to go to sleep but kept hearing noises, like whispers. At one point even saw a light in the field after we had moved out of site. Because I knew Chris and Christine both had recorders, I decided to leave mine with Shawn, just in case.

Then I returned to the others, that were standing in the field surprised that after a whole night of none of our meters going off, we finally had a hit on the K2 meter. We began to ask questions and watch as the spirit would light up the meter in response. We even pulled out a flashlight and used that to communicate. We stood there in awe for 30 minutes and watched as the light amazingly lit up, insync with our questions. In all, what we believe we learned is that we were speaking with a little boy that thought he was lost. He wasn’t scared and claimed to have lots of friends that were just like him. Let me remind you, we learned all of this just by asking him simple questions and watching him respond, yes or no, by turning the light on and off.

He did this perfectly and on cue the whole time. I must say I was amazed and could have stayed there for hours talking with him. It was getting late though and we began to hear some coyotes not far away. We had to wrap this up. We made a promise to him that we would be back to visit and asked if he would like a toy. Of course he did, and we decided on a superhero action figure. We said our goodbyes and made our way back to our cars. Shawn was still there, recorder in hand. And we could not wait to review our evidence. We wanted to know so badly who this little boy was and why would his spirit be out by an old abandoned factory? Our time at this location was not finished....
-Wendy Schultz



February 27, 2011 -

Wendy Schultz, Chris Duncan

Day Investigation:
After we reviewed our evidence from our first trip, we could not wait to go back and give our new found information a try. We believed the little boys name was either Jim or Tim, and I believed that there is a female spirit that looked after him. There were several spirits that moved around the area, almost following us. I wouldn't say they didn't want us there, they just didn't seem to think we should be there. So we went back in search of answer and to piece the story together. We decided to go back during the daylight, so that we would be more comfortable moving through the area. We went straight to work. The last time we where there we received an EVP within the first 2 minutes and just while we were standing by the road. This time around we could see why.

The remains of the old factory were spread out across the street. Even the houses along the road, had what looked like remnants of the old factory scattered along their properties. This proved that the factory must have stretched across the road when it was still standing. A few concrete paths and a few midsize concrete blocks that were open on one side, nothing that looked like it could be a tunnel. Then we came to an open area, with several fallen structures and large pillars, crumbling walls and steps that lead down into the area. Chris went to the right and I went to the left and down into one of the structures. I stood there quiet and attempted to draw out any spirits attached to those fallen walls. Last time we were here, I caught EVP's of a women more than once, who seemed to me, thought we shouldn't be here. I wanted to know who she was and why she was worried for us. I tried to speak to her. It really felt like I wasn't alone in those moments, and I could hear whispers behind me, but couldn't make out any words. I asked the spirits to give me any sign of their presents, but they didn't, so I moved on. As I was headed toward Chris, I saw what may be referred to as the tunnels.

There are several openings in the ground, one with an old wooden ladder that lead down. The "tunnel" held alot of debris and a little water. When I went to hold my video camera down in there, the camera shut off. The battery, which had over 100 minutes left, was completely drained. After replacing the battery, I took several pictures down the "tunnel" and held my recorder down there as I asked for the spirits to show themselves. With no response that I could hear, I rejoined Chris. She was standing about 20 feet away, in an area with a large concrete pad, a few short walls, and one large wall that blocked off the area on one side. There were even more openings in the ground that looked deeper and were filled to the top with water. We started to understand why there could be a little boy's spirit out here. These openings were about 6 feet down, and it would be easy to take a wrong step and fall in one. At that moment we realized how silly it was of us to have come out here for the first time in the dark and we were glad we decided to stay on the path. As we looked around, we discovered that you could get around the large concrete wall and there was a path on the other side. We also were surprised to see that the wall was apart of a structure that had a wide opening on the side that lead into a kind of room. There was about 2 feet of water inside it so we just stayed out by the opening.

As we stood there Chris called out asking if anyone was in there, with our own ears we heard a response and at the same time I got a hit on the EMF meter I was carrying. As if we scared something out of this hole and it came rushing passed us. We stayed there for sometime waiting for another response, we heard light whispers but were not sure if it was just sounds coming off of the water and could not make it out. We took the path we were first on, back around to the field. We received another EMF hit as we were leaving the wooden area along with another EVP, as if the spirits were not quite ready for us to leave. Next we went up the hill to explore, but it was just a open field with very high grass. By then we all were feeling very drained and decided we should start wrapping this day up. We went back down to the field and to the same spot we first spoke with our little "ghost boy". We had brought him the toy as we had promised, a Spiderman action figure. We spoke to him for about 20 minute waiting for a response, but received none. So we packed up and called it a day. After reviewing the day evidence we discovered that it doesn't have to be midnight for the ghosts to come out. They are always with you and ready to communicate. We believe that this area is home to many spirits, why we can't say for sure. Their are all types though, some hate that we are there and a few seem to need and want our help. It is those spirits that will keep us revisiting this location for some time.
-Wendy Schultz



Night Findings:


Something in the Woods: This is a short clip of the noise we heard of somthing running through the woods. The noise charged suddenly, and just as we thought it would charge though the trees, it stopped. We were at this location for over 2 hours and never saw what made this sound, and never heard it again.

Chris is standing still, listening to the sounds of the night through the parabolic dish. Just before she turns, you will see an orb float just past her. She turns as she hears something walking near her, and then the walking is heard in the distance...

The next 5 clips are of our communication with a spirit that we believe to be a child. The team asked questions and received answers through a Maglite flashlight, and a K-2 EMF meter. The meter and flashlight would light up, and in some cases they would light up simultaneously...


"Where's Cassie"

"We're dead"


"She's getting it"


"I'm going to stay right here"


"How much is it"


"Help me save him"


"Get Shawn"


"Get out"


"Get out of here"


Strange breath, then the EVP "Oh my God!"




"I don't need any help"


"Don't worry"


"I'm here for Jim"


The recorder was left rolling on the car, this whisper was captured:


"We're stuck"


"We had him"


In between us talking you hear "Uh Oh", this is clearly not one of us, and even Wendy recognizes that it is heard:


"Tell me"


"You're back" A soft whisper heard on top of one of the investigators talking


Dark giggle long version:


Dark giggle short clip:


A short hiss of interference and then the EVP: "Cut her next", Long version:


"Cut her next" Short clip:


Interference is caught on the audio then the EVP: "No no no":


Inaudible child whispering heard at the end of tis clip, and sounds like shes saying "I'm a good girl"



A lone white figure is captured in this photo.

Same picture with circle.

While making contact with a child spirit, this orb was seen near Wendy.

Same picture with circle.

While Christine was engaged in communication with the child spirit, this unexplained shadow is blocking out the light.


Day Findings:


This came as we were leaving and we were talking about coming back later. "You will be"

"You're smothering me"

"You're just mad"

"You're going to slip and fall" is heard at the very begining of this clip, just before you here Chris speak at the end...

"You're a wuss"

"Won't get it"

"Who is that?"

"Watch it man"


"This is not your grave" You will hear Wendy talking then stop short, and something else finishes her sentence...

"That's his mother"

"That was me" loud: A males voice is heard that was clearly not one of ours...

"Let go of me" - long version:

"Let go of me" - short clip:

"That's it"

"No thanks"

Soft "no"

I ask if there is anyone there that would like for us to tell their storey, and you will hear "no....no "

"Leave it"

"I thought it was you"

"I see you" - long version: You will hear Wendy at the end of this clip, listen for the whisper in the very beginning

"I see you" - short clip:

"I like you"

"I just want you to leave"

"I just snuck it"

"I don't like this"

"Hit this guy"

"I can sit around you"

"He's not good"

"Here doggy" This is heard just before we started getting interference on our equipment

"Help please" and another voice

"Help me"

"Hell born"

"Go away"

"Get them"

"Get out"

"Get away from me"

"Can't go back too far"

"Don't be an asshole"

"Didn't want this way"

Very loud voice heard between our voices saying "coming"

Inaudible whisper, sounds like a child asking for candy....

"Can't hear me with those on"

"Thanks alot"

2 EVP's - "Phone off" and "The light" - long version

"Phone off" - short clip:

"The Light - short version:

"Stop it" - long version:

"I'm in pain" - long version:

"I'm in pain" - short version:

"Go Away" - long version:

"Go Away" - short version:

A soft voice says "Kids get back here", just before you hear Chris saying that she hears talking:























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