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August 13, 2011 - Salem New Cumberland Church

Chris Duncan, Wendy Schultz


Night Review:
I have to admit, we went into this investigation with very little to go on. It had been a long summer with our families and very little ghost action. We were just looking to shake the dust off our ghost hunting skills and get out. I think most investigators would understand what I mean when I say you just have that itch to be in a spooky place, in the middle of the night, loaded down with gear, talking to yourself, waiting, hoping for the thrill of seeing some kind of response. And this night we sure got that thrill.

We pulled up to Salem Cumberland Church around 11:30pm. The church sat on a dark and quiet road with only a few houses nearby. The only light we had was from the full moon above us and a small amount of light coming in through the trees near the highway behind the graveyard. As soon as we walked through the gates, we found ourselves at a stand still. Only minutes after we entered, I believed I saw a shadow move along the back of the graveyard and stopped to check it out. Then I had a strange feeling that there was someone standing right next to me. Chris was still close to the gate and believed she was seeing movement at the front of the church by the entrance and not in the graveyard. After a few moments, and not see anymore movement along the tree line, I moved down the fence closer to the center of the graveyard, looking over the whole grounds. The graveyard was of a mid size and surrounded by trees on the left and back side, a parking lot on the front, and a piece of the road on the right.

Standing in the moon light made me feel more relaxed and the feeling of someone beside me had gone.
Chris seemed to not be experiencing anything anymore a well as she moved toward me and we stopped in the center together.
We stood there for some time, introducing ourselves and attempting to draw the spirts out. We took some photos and as always
were running our recorders for any EVPS. Mostly the night seemed quiet. There was a small amount of noise from the highway
and a few noises that couldn't be explained, but not enough to keep us still. We began to move deeper into the graveyard
toward what looked like a storage building and a playground for the church. But as we were moving we heard a sound that no
paranormal investigator likes to hear...people. Like real live people. We heard two men talking very loudly as they walked down the street the church was on. They must have heard us, because they were calling out things like "Who's down there?" and "Answer Me". They eventually came into sight on the road and stopped and called down to us again. They did not sound friendly.

I'm not so sure they could really see us or at least make out what they were seeing. Part of me thinks that they were too scared
to come closer to the graveyard because they weren't sure of what they were hearing themselves. So after they gave up on the idea of us answering them, they continued to walk up the road and away from the graveyard, we decided (because we could still hear them) that we should just pack up and go, rather them deal with the unhappy locals.

We were in kind of a hurry and we didn't have time to put our gear up properly so our recorders where still rolling in the car which proved to be a good and surprising thing. We were only at Salem Cumberland Church for one hour and walked away with some interesting evidence, so it's safe to say that this is not the last of Salem Cumberland for us.
Maybe we just won't go on a Saturday night next time...haha.

-Wendy Schultz




There are two gravestones in the far left of this picture. The stone closest to the left side of the picture has a clear outline of a figure standing with its back against the gravestone, and appears to be looking at the camera. There is also something in front of the gravestone just to the right, however it looks like only a partial manifestation was captured. 

Same image with circles



Near the front of the graveyard and close to the chuch, there is a white mist seen between a gravestone and the church and appears to be floating. This could be the face of an apparation trying to gather enough energy to completely manifest... 

Same image with circles



To the right of the picture there is a transparent white mist caught floating in the graveyard.

Same image with circles



Unknown EVP:
After Wendy says "you hear me boy" there is a whisper of a voice before Chris replies. Wendy is talking about some local people that shortened our investigation so we left the graveyard and were in the car when this was caught.


A child's voice:
This noise was not heard by our own ears, cancelling out the idea that it is an animal. Sounds like a child's voice but was unable to make out any words.


Deep voice:
This was not heard by our own ears. This voice comes after we asked if any spirts would like us to visit them or help them with anything.


Did you Hear that?
An unexplainable noise is heard just before Wendy comments on it in this clip.


This voice comes just after Chris asks about the dark night, and after just seeing a shadow figure along the back of the graveyard. There were no lights on the church or the street.


Wendy notices a cold spot around Chris, and Chris asks out loud if it is the wind, we hear a quick "no" in tis clip.


We hear someone talking as Wendy starts to speak, but have been unable to make out what is being saying.


Two Voices:
We hear talking in the background and then a louder whisper of a voice. Any thoughts on what they are talking about?


Unknown man speaking:
A Disembodied voice is captured, however we canot make out what is being said...


Exiting the Graveyard:
As we were leaving the graveyard I caught this EVP on my digital recorder. What is being said I cannot make out...


Voice in the car:
In this clip you will hear alot of moving around. Sorry, but this was caught inside the car as we were leaving the graveyard and I was having trouble turnning off my equipment....maybe this is why. Note that there are only two women in the car and we were not whispering to each other. Can't completely make it out but there is something there.


Full Clip - You Couldn't Get Far
We had already returned to our vehicle and were driving away, you can clearly hear Wendy and myself talking as we approach a street called "Deadfalls"... Just after Wendy speaks you hear a whisper that says "You couldn't get far..." We feel this is referencing our short visit to the graveyard as our night was cut short due to a few unexpected visitors. The clip ends after a very sharp/quick interference type noise.


Short Clip - You Couldn't Get Far
This clip is only of the whisper caught in my car after leaving the graveyard. 




Day Review:
I went back to the cemetary during the day with the hopes to get a good idea of the size and the layout of the grounds. Being that this was a graveyard that we had only seen in passing and
had not reviewed prior to our hunt, I was interested in going back and surveying the entire lot. Also I felt that the evidence we walked away with was pretty substantial for only having been on the grounds for an hour without getting as deep into the investigation as we both would have liked, I wanted to see if there was more to it then just getting chased out by the locals....

So I did, and found that there are some very old and poorly maintained gated gravesites there. Honostly, those specific areas are not maintained at all. The grass has overgrown where the now forgotten lay to rest, and the fences that close them in are falling apart. I've spotted this in three areas around the graveyard, and its very strange, as the graveyard is actualy very nicely kept up. While, I am sure these are really just a few forgotten loved ones, it is very sad, and also helps to add to the over-all creepy feel you get just from being out in this graveyard. Even during the day, when the sunlight is helping to point out all the open areas of the cemetary, you cannot shake the feeling that your being watched.

I ended up snapping just a handfull of pictures during the day, and upon my review I did find one picture that helps add validity to why I felt like I was not alone, and why I feel that this is truely a haunted gravesite....

-Chris Duncan


In this picture, to the far left, you will see a shadow outline of something that cannot be described. It's hard to say what would make a shadow like this appear where it is standing in the middle of the day.... Also look to the far right, and there is a face in the back of the graveyard. Both images are captured near areas of unmaintained gated gravesites.

Same picture with circles.





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