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August 8, 2010 - Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Wendy Schultz, Chris Duncan, Kristen Smith, Alyson Wilson


The Waverly Hills Sanatorium began with a two-story frame building, with a hipped roof and half timbering. Construction on this building began in 1908, and it opened on July 26,1910. This building was only designed to safely acommodate 40-50 tuberculosis patients. Tuberculosis was a very serious disease back before antibiotics were discovered. People who were afflicted with tuberculosis had to be isolated from the general public and placed in an area where they could rest, stay calm, and have plenty of fresh air. Sanatoriums were built on high hills surrounded by peaceful woods to create a serene atomosphere that would help patients to recover. Tuberculosis was reaching epidemic proportions among the public in Pleasure Ridge Park, Kentucky.

The little TB clinic was being filled with over 140 people, and it was becoming very obvious that a much larger hospital needed to be built. Construction of this sanatorium began in March of 1924. It opened on October 17, 1926 to administer patients. Waverly functioned as a tuberculosis hospital until 1961. After antibiotics were invented, it was closed down to be quarantined and renovated to be opened again in 1962 as WoodHaven Medical Services. The facility remained a geriatrics center until 1980, when it was closed by the state.

After a mad dash from Memphis to Louisville, KY (because we forgot there was a time zone change) we arrived just in time to begin the march into the infamous Waverly Hills Sanatorium. The building sits atop a wooded hill in the middle of a quiet neighborhood. The massive building was impressive to say the least. It seemed to stretch out for miles, both far and wide. The 2 Waverly guides split everyone, about 60 people, into groups of 5 or 6 then divided us up between the 5 floors. Along with our group of 4 we had a father/son duo join us on the investigation which began on the 4th floor. I have to say I was surprised at how calm I felt. The moonlight was faintly coming in, allowing us just enough dim light to see our path down the halls. This was soothing after our panicked rush to get to the hospital just in time for our tour to begin. We began at the foot of the stairs. This seemed to be a half-way point for the floors. The men went to the right end of the hallway, so the "Creatures' team took the left. The floor was made up of many small patient rooms to the left and larger rooms to the right that opened up to the huge balcony. The century-old paint was chipped and crackled and old furniture was scattered everywhere. We moved slowly down the hallway, taking in the view from the balcony and introducing ourselves to whatever may be out there listening. When we made it to the end of the hallway we entered an old surgical room. We attempted to do an EVP session here, but with no real action we decided to make our way to the other end of this floor.

As we started that way, the tour guide joined us along with the other two men. The tour guide showed us a technique he uses to see shadows down the long hallways. We stood very still and all together, turned of all light, and watched as one person from the group would walk down the hallway about 10 feet and then slowly walked back. A few members of the group were excited to see the light changing down the hallway, they believed that something was blocking the light in and out. We even used our lasers to watch shadows walk in front of the light. I have to admit though, that my attention during all of this was not on the shadows in front of us but more to the ones behind us.

I had a strange feeling that something was watching us and I turned just in time to see what I believe was a shadow figure move quickly into the doorway of the old surgical room. Just then the tour guide began talking about the surgical room and how he hated being in this part of the hallway. Everyone turned to look and my feelings of paranoia faded. After the tour guide left, we made our way to the other end of the hallway. As we walked, I swear out of the corner of my eye I saw another shadow figure standing in the doorway to my right. We stopped to investigate the room but with no hits on the ghost meter we continued on. The building seem to be alive with activity but the spirits were not willing to show themselves. When we finally made it to the end of the hallway, we turned and walked back along the the open balcony. All the while we continued to  record and snap hundreds of pictures hoping for a sign of something. When we got about halfway back down the hallway, our tour guide announced it was time to move up.

Next we were sent to the 5th floor where we would later investigate the infamous room number 502. The story is that a Waverly Hills's nurse named Mary, was pregnant out of wedlock, and aborted her unborn baby in room 502. She then was found dead in the hallway hanging from the ceiling. Since the pipe she was hanging from was more than 10 feet in the air, it was unclear how she would have done this herself. The 5th floor consists of 2 large rooms on the left and right ends of the short hall. Both rooms lead to large open rooftop balconies and would have gave shelter to quite the numberof patients. Along the halls on either side, only a handful of small rooms stood vacant, and in the center would be what was known as the nurse's station. The first large room to the left was where the doctors of Waverly kept their mental patients and the second large room to the right was the children's ward.

We wondered around at first to try and get a feel for the place, then moved back to the children's ward to begin our EVP session. The room was calm and still. Alyson and Kristen began kicking a ball around the room and asking children to come out and play with them. At times the ball seemed to move on its own. Once after Kristen gave the ball a little kick, it rolled in a circle pattern and then turned around to roll off in another direction. Having no luck with our EMF detectors and being unaware of any EVPs we might have captured, we moved over to investigate room 502. Desperate to hear Mary's story we asked many questions and spent about 30 minutes attempting to connect with her. We left 502 as we felt that we did not make any connections, and moved on to investigate the rest of the floor... Before we knew it our time was up and the tour guide came to move us again.

This time we were placed on the 3rd floor, and the team of two men that were grouped with us, took a break and went outside to their car. The 3rd floor atmosphere was the same as the 4th floor, in that it was eerily calm. We made our way to one end of the hallway and picked a room to set-up an EVP session. We also used spiritual crystals that the ghost could use to guide us. Only minutes into our session we began hearing what sounded like large furniture being moved around down the hallway. After it went on for a few minutes we decided to go and investigate what could be making the noise. Shortly after we started down the hall the noise stopped. We found a large desk in a room not far from us, but couldn't be sure if anything had been moved.

We were then joined again by the father/son duo, and after recounting our events of the furniture, we parted and made our separate ways to opposite ends of the hallway. Just after 10 minutes, a loud male scream cut through our calm and silent hallway. The scream appeared to be coming from what we thought was the direction the men went. We ran quickly to see if they were okay only to find they were rushing back to check on us. As the floors are open to the outside and there were other groups around the building we could not say for sure where the screams really came from. We were on our guard after all that and stayed together. We searched the rest of the floor but did not experience any more activity. When the tour guide came to get us he was in a panic and claimed that there was some serious activity on the 1st floor. Our group along with another group was paired for the 1st floor because they said the activity was getting too dangerous for small groups. Later we would find out that the other tour guide, a female, was violently attacked. She claimed something grabbed her and pushed her against the wall. I have to say we were kind of excited by this news and hoped to see something for ourselves. However the 1st floor was quiet and again strangely calm to us. We spent time in the electric shock room and the morgue performing long EVP sessions, but again seemed to have no unique experiences.

By the time we were moved to the 2nd floor the groups had scattered and were beginning to invade our space, which made our investigation much tougher. It's hard enough reviewing the audio and video footage with 4 different women's voices, add in strangers that you didn't even know were there until you walked into them and then you're left to sort out all of the possibilites later on. We wondered around for a little longer hoping for some kind of sign to stay, but things seemed to be going out of control and the actual activity was settling down, we decided to wrap it up and take it home.
Waverly Hills was a great opportunity. This place is a huge part of history and it was amazing to see firsthand. And though, at the time it seemed like it was just a quite night. We would soon find out that was not the case at all....




1. This clip is the very first EVP we captured at Waverly Hills, and is while we are on the 4th floor. We begin our EVP session by asking "Is there anybody here?" you will hear a very quick "Yes" response.


2. This EVP was caught on the 4th floor of the Sanitorum. Wendy is asking "What was it like to be a patient here?" and you immediately hear a female voice that answers, "Aweful" Then after some movement and what appears to be a cough, another very soft whisper that sounds female again " Here" and finally a soft male breath like whisper "Hey" at the very end of the clip.


3. There is a room on the 4th floor all the way to the end of the hall that is very strange. There appeared to be a large shower and a huge dial and a water heater in this room, and was most likley one of the rooms used for Hydrotherapy. Patients were being treated with this technique where they would be forced to submit themselves to extremly cold water, then extremly hot water, and back and forth. You hear a low voice, that sounds like a whisper, but also appears to be yelling.. The voice is saying "Cold" then it pauses and says " Hot", and then you will hear Alyson speaking of the water heater immeditately following..


4. This clip was recorded while on the 4th floor. The tour guide asked us to turn off all of our lights and as we watched the dark halls of the 4th floor grow darker, you could see shadow figures that appeared to bounce back and forth along the walls. You will hear what sounds like a growl.


5. The team is moved up one floor and is exploring the open rooms of the 5th floor. This EVP of a  "cry" is captured on our audio equipment. I had just turned the recorder back on after realizing it shut off while on the 4th floor.


6. Still touring the 5th floor and holding an EVP session, you will hear Kristen talking in the background and a creepy low laugh that comes from nowhere.


7. We are in the childeren's ward on the 5th floor. 10 seconds prior to this clip, we roll a toy car across the floor with the hope that it will trigger a reaction. As the team stays still in the room, you hear a knocking sound.


8. Still on the 5th floor, and Alyson asks "how old are you?" This whisper comes immediately after that, as if it were a child saying "You cant get me..."


9. 502 - This room belonged to a nurse that hung herself after what some speculate as having a forced abortion. She was unwed, and rumored to have been pregnant with one of the doctors babies. While being an unwed mother was already a very bad thing to be during her day, it was also said that she had contracted TB, and her baby would have been born with the same fatal disease. She was found hanging from the rafters just outside of room 502.  We start our EVP of 502, and had just mentioned that we didn't feel like we were getting anything from being in there, when you hear a voice on the ghost box say "I'm here."


10. We move to the 3rd floor, and as we set out to begin our investigation of this floor, you clearly hear a male scream in the distance.


11. This EVP was also captured on the 3rd floor, and was roughly 10 minutes after the male scream EVP. You will hear a low whistle and then a whisper that clearly says "Left.."


12. While on the 3rd floor and trying to communicate with a child that has been said to play on this floor, we capture a voice saying "It's you."


13. We are all sitting in a room on the 3rd floor,and are interrupted while having an EVP session, with the sound of furniture being scrapped or dragged across the concrete floors. The sound seemed to have been at the other end of the hallway, however there was no one else on the floor with us at that time as the other team had gone outside for a break. There is also a video clip of this same incident.


14. The group is walking along the 3rd floor with the another team of investigators and taking pictures of the hal and rooms. I stop to make a note that one of my pictures was very bright. You hear Chris say "Wasn't she in front of that one?" Then a male whisper that seems to be replying " That was Sam there."



All teams on the way back to the meeting area, so that we could check in and take a small break. On the way there, while in the hallway, you clearly hear a long yell from coming from the first floor.


16. The tour guide is taking our teams back to the hospital after being on a break in the meeting room. He stops and warns us to not leave by the Exits due to the alarms going off, and them being extremely loud. While finishing his warning to our group you hear a male whisper saying "Up here"


17. While outside listening to the tour guide give us a history lesson behind the infamous body shut. You will hear a bell sound that was actually from Chris's equipment bag, then a soft voice that comes from no where and says "Hey."


18. The group was in a room on the first floor known as the shock therapy room. We placed a digital recorder on the floor inside a closet in the corner of this room, and while the recorder was on it captured this low whisper. It sounds like it is saying "Push it close."


19. Another EVP was captured while the recorder was inside the closet of the shock therapy room. While we set up and prepare for a new EVP session, this "Gasp" was captured...


20. While still in the shock therapy room, Wendy asks "If that was a spirit knocking on the table, could do it again?" You will hear a distinct knock.


21. In this clip you will hear what almost sounds like a exhaled "uh huh" as if it is answering us with a yes.. Moments before this is captured I asked the question "Was that you that smashed up that girl?". We had ran into a tour guide that was attacked on the first floor, and was extremely shaken up by the incident. This was recorded while in the closet of the shock therapy room.


22. The team is now on the 1st floor in a room known as the old gift shop, and is with the tour guide who is preparing us for taking part in one of his techniques that he uses to call out the spirits. You will hear an odd disembodied voice that says "I'll take a litte water"


23. This EVP was also caught in the old gift shop on the 1st floor. While we are asking for it to show itself you will hear a strange whisper, that says " Tell me I'm not wiser".


24. The tour guide just finished calling out the spirits and we packed up our equipment to move. The digital recorder was on the floor during this event, so it was picked up and placed back into its holder on my bag. Then a few seconds go by and you hear this "deep breath", almost like an inhale.


25. This EVP follows the "Deep Breath EVP" as it was captured one minute after. The team started walking through the hall on the 1st floor, until the tour guide stops us at the door to the shock therapy room to tell us of the bad spirits that stay in this room. You will hear a whisper saying "No Voices" As if childeren were being told "no voices" in the hallway...


26. While taking pictures of the 1st floor and being very quiet moving through the hall, this voice comes from no where and appears to be saying " I hate you."


27. There is a whisper over the tour guide talking (you will hear him clear, his voice sounds like a moan). You are listening to the voice that speaks over his voice and says"Stairs." We were just moved up to the 2nd floor from the 1st floor when this was captured.


28. This clip was from the 2nd floor. Our team is investigating each empty room, and while in one I notice that there are two seperate closets. This whisper was captured while discussing the room, and it is unclear if we the spirit was speaking to us directly or if we actually received an answer to a question that the other team asked. You can clearly hear one of the men from the other team talking in the background.


29. The team is all on the 2nd floor, though we've split up into smaller groups and are exploring the halls and rooms in seperate directions. Wendy and Chris are in a room where building supplies appear to be stored for current and future renovations of the hospital. This was actually in the same room with the picture of the creature (cat or dog) appears to be sitting on boxes reflecting in the window. As we talked about the things in this room and their purpose, I pause thinking I heard a bark, and pointed my flashlight into the hallway where we see another team pass by. This clip was caught immediately after, and clearly says "Retire". Was the spirit advising us that it was time to go to sleep or to "retire?"


30. While on the 5th floor, and in the childeren's wing, we find a ball in the room and pass it back and forth between each other. We asked for a child to help us play with the ball, and moments after that, the ball does not stop moving. It appears that someone is rolling it across the floor....


31. A Deep Voice is captured on video while walking through the 4th floor. This voice was not heard at the time we explored this level of the hospital, however if you listen closly it appears to say "Close the door, thank you" and possibly a name after that...


32. The team is in the 5th floor and is preparing to move to another floor. While dismantling our equipment you hear what a very low scratchy whisper saying "help me."


33. We moved into a room at the end of the hall on the 3rd floor and are trying to engage in an EVP session with the help from a spiritual crystal. While in that room we begin to hear these loud sounds that appear to be coming from the hallway. The sounds are very distinct in that we all agreed that it sounded like furniture being dragged across the floor. There were no other teams on this floor with us at the time.


34. This was taken on the 4th floor of the sanitorium. Wendy is paning around the room and captures a tiny orb that moves down the hall just a little bit and then disappears.


35. This is video of the knock heard while in the shock therapy room on the 1st floor. You will hear a quick knock on the table behind Wendy, the audio file called "knock response" is a direct result of this knock being heard.


36. The team is on the 4th floor and the tour guide is detailing the purposes of the rooms on this floor, and has also admitted that he wasn't a fan of that area. At the end of the clip you will hear a whisper that comes from out of no where and says " Thats what we see." While the video is rolling, Wendy captured a faint ball of light at the end of the hallway that was not noticed at the time she recorded this peices of evidence. The light is very quick, and then appears again much closer. Both our group and the team we were paired with was at all together during this recording. Is the voice possibly referring to the ball of light in that message "that's what we see?"


37. At the very beginning of this recording you hear the number "13" being said. It is very faint and raspy, you will need to use head phones to hear this clearly. This was captured while on the 5th floor in the children's ward, and happens just before Alyson ask's "How old are you?"


38. There us a voice caught while on the 5th floor just at the beggining of this clip, and it sounds like " Which people?" It is very low, and is caught just before the tour guide speaks. You will also hear a response to Wendy asking "Did you hear that?" It is an exhaled type of a voice, and says "No."



An anamoly passes in front of the camera just as this picture is taken, you see it near the bottom of Wendy's leg


A shadow figure is found at the very end of the hallway, and appears to be looking back at us...


Another image is seen at the end of the hallway, and also appears to be transparent.


The children's ward, where Wendy is filming the ball rolling around on its own. Notice the image to the left that appears to be a shadow hand blocking out the light around Wendy


This picture was taken while inside 502, and pointing into the childrens ward. Zoom in and look between the door frame and the empty black room. There appears to be a small figure standing there in that opening glaring back at us from inside that room.


A white mist is passing by Alyson's arm


Zoom in and look through the door, where a window would have been but is no longer. On the opposite side of the pushguard, there is a face.


At the end of the hall there appears to be a short mist-like figure standing there, waiting by the room.


On top of a box, in the window, there appears to be a pair of eyes. They look to be that of an animal (cat or dog). Look close at where it is sitting and notice that the boxes do not line up. This is a reflection of the boxes behind me as I take pictures. There were no animals in Waverly Hills.


At the end of the hallway, there are two figures that emerge from the shadows. One looks to be smaller, like a child. You can make out their shapes, but remain transparent.


A face appears from the shadows of the main floor hallway


A face is found near the top of the celieng, and also a body seems to form in the same room


A face is seen in the window just below the top of the door frame


A tall woman appears to be glaring at Chris from the entry way to 502 from the childeren's ward.












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