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June 5, 2010 - The Watseka Wonder; Watseka IL.

Chris Duncan, Wendy Schultz, Alyson Wilson,
Kristen Smith, Carrie Moultrie

***Called "America's first documented case of spiritual possession," the "Watseka Wonder" is the name given to the strange case of the possession of a young Lurancy Vennum by the spirit of Mary Roff, the daughter of a founder of the small town of Watseka. As documented by an eyewitness account and later retold in the 1977 novel "Watseka," Mary died suddenly in 1865 at age 19, only to come back 12 years later to possess the body of 14-year-old Lurancy Vennum.The Roff Home, where Lurancy lived for 100 days when she believed herself to be possessed by the spirit of Mary Roff, still stands in Watseka today and is currently undergoing an extensive renovation to return it to its former glory. For the last three years, the Roff Home has been open for paranormal investigations and ghost hunting. Each year, the amount of activity has increased and the types of evidence that paranormal groups have captured have become more robust. This has especially been true since the summer of 2010. While increased activity and a broader spectrum of evidence can make for an interesting investigation, it can make it difficult or nearly impossible to live in the home after hearing the evidence and experiences of so many paranormal investigators, especially with the negativity that emerges from their investigations. More can be read by going to www.roffhome.com***

We packed up the truck and headed to Illinois to visit the Roff home also known as The Watseka Wonder for an overnight night stay. This being our first opportunity to document the paranormal goings on of a house with such a tremendous history. The first brick home built in the town of Watseka, with construction completed in 1868.  The design and structure of the home would greatly impact the way homes were built going forward, and while the history and architecture of the house was very intriguing, the stories of the lives affected while living in this house are most impressive and would make for an amazing investigation....
We arrived on Saturday evening after an 8 hour drive straight from Memphis. Eager to start the investigation we geared up and waited for the start of our tour.  The house being renovated after standing alone and vacant for 70 years, we are met by the owner/caretaker, John, and our tour guide and renowned psychic, Ken. They greet us outside and outlay the events of the past along with the ongoing reconstruction of the home. While taking us on a journey through history, and a complete walk of the grounds, he reveals every dirty little secret of the home that had been so carefully tucked away throughout the many years in this quite little town of Watseka, Il.

As night began to fall we started our investigation on the top floor. This level provided access to the infamous Lurancy Vennum room, along with a separate bedroom for the mother and also separate quarters for the father. An infant's room was built off of the mothers room, but access to it from the hall was removed when one of the past owners renovated the home. There was also a balcony at one point just off of the fathers room. The upstairs also included two bathrooms, and the servants room. You could access the father's room through the mother's room or from the hall way. We started an EVP session between these two rooms, and would eventually rotate to the "Infant's closet" and Lurancy's room. We were alerted to a storm brewing that could bring tornadoes, and decided to move to the outside grounds to investigate before the storms arrived. The night was so alive, the wind seemed to scream, as the clouds became thicker and the sky grew darker. It was already pitch black on the centuries old farm land. The tiny lights from the lightning bugs and the lightning from the storm was the only light to our path. We beckoned and provoked and played hoping to catch the attention of the spirits that still wander these old grounds. We thought it was all in vain...

We made our way back into the house and up the creaking stairs where we again attempted our EVP session. In the "Father's room" we had a few small readings on the EMF meter and then an abrupt battery drain on a camera that had a complete life charge. This then led to a consistent flashlight malfunction, which grabbed our attention. The batteries on the flashlight were changed as quickly as possible, however the flickering never completely stopped. We continued to provoke the spirits as we saw this as their attempt at making contact with us. With all of this excitement we really hoped that something made its way through to us on our recording equipment. Having researched these items later, we found a couple of interesting recordings on our digital recorder, and feel that we were in the presence of an intelligent spirit as we received direct responses to some of the questions being asked.

Then as the storm finally arrived, the tornado sirens sounded loudly making it impossible for us to continue. We were all asked to move downstairs until the tornado passed, however I left the digital recorder on as we moved into a more secure location. We all met up discussed the events of the evening, and managed to record a few other strange things. We were not provoking or even asking typical EVP questions at this time, though we received a direct response to a comment made by our team members when referencing the surroundings in the downstairs area. Once it was safe again for us to continue our investigation we moved down deeper and into the basement. While on the way my digital recorder shuts itself off, and immediately begins a new recording. None of the function buttons were pushed, but hoped that this was still an entity that wanted to make contact.

Basements are naturally intimidating places. They're filled with spiders, mice, and old things left collecting dust. There is a sense of dread about being left down in the darkest part of the house, and at times it's overwhelming. No one really ever wants to go down there, however tonight we were more than ready. The stories suggest that a past resident with somewhat of an abusive nature still resides in the dark shadows of the basement, and has been known to leave a nasty impression.There are also reports of the spirits of small children that try to communicate with visitors entering the basement near the back entrance through the cellar door.  While we did not hold back, and gave this area a full investigation, we left feeling that we did not meet either of these entities, and moved into another location. Again we would be surprised upon the review of our equipment, as we captured some odd noises and disembodied words that come from out of nowhere...  

Now on the main level, we started in the kitchen where there have been reports of the feeling of being watched. The story was told to us by the current owner, who admittedly stayed away from the kitchen for the first several months due to the eerie feeling. Though this has since changed as the reconstruction of the house would make his visits to the kitchen more frequent then less.  He told us that he had been contacted by someone who, as a young girl, would come to the house and jump on a trampoline in the back yard. The kitchen window looks straight out into the backyard, and the contact said that she always felt a presence of someone watching her from the kitchen. She never felt settled being near the house and mentioned that the feeling was of a bad nature. We began our session around the kitchen table and had experienced a total loss of battery power on one piece of our equipment. Was this the spirit of the kitchen watcher trying to manifest itself?

We left the kitchen and further investigated the remaining rooms of the downstairs. The front parlor where the piano once stood, and would have been where seances took place. A dining room and a living room where the air just felt heavy, even though there was a cool breeze coming through the whole house. As it was after midnight we also made our way back to the outside grounds just to check and see if we could catch any late coming spirits, but it all seemed very still. We were finally called back into the living room and were given the countdown until we needed to leave the spirits to rest, so back up into the Father's room we went as it seemed to be our hotspot for the night. We started out by calling out to the spirits, and then pulled out the "Ghost Box". We each took turns asking it questions and started to get a few answers back. We asked who we were talking to, and the name Bruce came through. We asked several other questions, and each time received a response with a unique answer. At one point we asked how many spirits were with us, and was given an answer in the form of a count.... "6, 7, 8." It was later mentioned by the owner that he had a similar experience using a ghost box on the stairs just outside of Lurancy's room. Though he had encountered a much unfriendlier spirit. We started to pack up and prepare for our long ride back to Memphis and we thanked the spirits for their participation that evening, while the ghost box was still running, we collected one last message... "Leave."




1.This was caught very early into our investigation. We were left to investigate the second floor and Carrie and Aly go into Lurancy's room briefly, and Aly says " I'm taking video" and Carrie says "This place gives me the creep's" and then you hear this strange chattering noise.


2. Carrie and Kristen are sitting outside, they were not talking at the time this was captured. It sounds like " House" with the "ou" being exaggerated in such a weird voice.


3. We are upstairs in the Father's room, and Wendy starts an EVP session by saying "Carrie thinks you tried to touch her, is there something you want to tell us?" I hear an answer that sounds like "yes" 8 seconds after the clip starts. The answer part is very low. Also there seems to be more of a low whisper from a male even futher on, actually 14 seconds later, that sounds like "House"


4. I (Chris) was in the infant's closet doing an EVP session when I hear something outside of the closet so I leave to investigate. I move to the Father's room where everyone is and ask if someone just came up the stairs. Wendy was in the middle of an EVP session, but stops when I enter the room. I get a response from Kristen " I heard something earlier, but" and Aly " I walked through there", me "you did?" and Aly agree's, then I get another response, " There's somebody else, here", its very clear and intelligent since its responding to my question. I continue to look for the noise I heard, and ask "Is someone in the bathrom" and Aly says " No" and then Aly complains about her flashlight going off and on...


5. We are in the Fathers room, and Alyson and the other team members are provoking the spirits. Aly starts to have issues with her flashlight going off and on again, so Wendy ask's Alyson "When did you change your batteries last?" There is a response to this question that was not from Alyson and it says "It's not your battery"


6. Alyson asks "Is there a tornado coming?" 5 seconds later there is a response "yes." This is very low, but seems to be right on the mic. It actually sounds like " Yesss" but there is a bit of a hesitaion on the word. Its as the end of the clip approaches.


7. The digital recorder had just shut off and started to record on a new section. Carrie notices it right away and documents this for the recording. You can hear her talking about it as we are all moving towards the basement from the first floor. She says "I didn't touch anything, it just came back on" and in the background you will hear what sounds like a child screaming. There were no animals in the house that would have made this sound, and this sound was captured .5 seconds after the recorder comes back on and starts to record a new section.


8. You will hear a loud screech while the owner of the house is talking.


9. We all move into the basement and survey our surroundings. The basement seems to be broken into multiple rooms and as we note this Carrie says " Oh, that's freaky!" Then we captured a male voice that says "What's there?" Almost as if it were asking Carrie what she saw that was freaky....


10. We are all in the basement and are taking pictures and moving to certain spots to start an EVP session. Carrie moves to the stairs with Kristen and tells her to turn her light off. She has the digital recorder, and you can hear her very clear. Before she starts talking you will hear a moan that seems to be further away. The clip is short, actually the moan is only 2 seconds long, but it seems to be coming from a distance.


11. While in the basement and trying to provoke any spirits, you here Wendy laugh and say "Yeah" at the begining of this clip. Then a disembodied hush "SHH" comes from nowhere while a hum or a moan is also heard at the same time.


12. This was taken while on the main level and sitting around the kitchen table. Carrie says "Are there any spirits amongst us?" A voice says "Gets weirder" or "that's weird", while I'm reviewing my picture's so you do hear my camera beep.. Wendy notes that she has battery drain on her camera right after this voice is captured.


13. Alyson is in the family room provoking and trying to get a reaction by playing the piano. You will hear a very low exhaled breath, and Carrie reacting to it. She is in the dining room of the Roff house which is adjacent to the family room where Aly is playing on the piano. This one is best heard with earbuds.


14. This was taken at the end of our investigation. Carrie sat outside waiting on us to come downstairs. You can hear the wind blowing past the mic of the recorder and also a strange repeating noice as she sits still waiting on us to leave.



These are all clips of us engaged in an EVP session while using the Ghost box:

15. Chris asks "Can you tell us your name?" The response is captured in this clip, and says "Roff."


16. Wendy makes a comment that the most recent owners of the house also passed away. This clip was a direct response to Wendy's comment and says "I still live here."


17. While asking the ghost box for a last name to "Bruce", a whisper is caught on the digital recorder. I cannot make out what the whisper is, but it is not coming from the ghost box.


18. We announce that we are leaving, and that this is the last chance for any communication with us. The ghost box provides us with one last message "Leave"


19. You will hear this voice after Carrie says "Why do you look out the window?" There is a soft voice that makes an "ahhh" sound.


20. As soon as the video starts there is like a ghostly cry from distance as everyone is speaking. It's over by the time you are saying your stomach hurts.


21. You will hear some talking from the group and then there is a strange voice that sounds to be a childs voice. There were no childeren at the house the night we investigated it.


22. Alyson is having trouble with her flashlight. In this clip, he flashlight comes back on by itself. Alyson and the team are shocked.


23. In this clip, you will see a small hit on the EMF and Alyson is having trouble with her flashlight again. We were by the second set of staircasee on the second floor.


24. The group is listening to the ghost box, and the famliy name is said "Roff"


25. The group is listening to the ghost box, and trying to communicate with a spirit that has been identified as "Bruce"


The owner of the house stops and tells us the story of the spirit person that watches you from the window. In the window you will see what looks like a reflection, however the upper arm of the person in the window appears to be shown as a whole, instead of a reflection. Could this be the "Watcher" that has been noted to watch you from the window in the kitchen?


This picture was taken while in the basement. We were sitting near the cellar door and holding an EVP session when I caught this strange mist form on my camera.







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