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April 22, 2010 - Tracy Road House; Atoka TN

Members involved:

Wendy Schultz, Felicia Patrick

I was contacted by Mrs. Henrietta Sharp after she heard of our group through a friend, who is also my mother, and the additional investigator for this case. Mrs. Sharp had an unusual experience that she wanted help investigating further. Always ready to help I met with her one evening. First we sat down and she began by telling us of the unusual occurrences that she had while living in her house that she could not explain.

Late one night as she and her husband were watching TV, her husband got up and left the room. Mrs. Sharp had a strange feeling that someone was standing over her. She looked to her left at the doorway of the living room, and to her surprise she saw what appeared to be a shadow of a man from the waist up. She described the outline of the man as tall with curly hair. She sat there still for only a minute and then the figure moved down the hall. She went on to say that over the last two years that she has lived in the house, she's heard footsteps throughout the house but never thought much about it. After hearing about The Creatures of the Night, she contacted me to see if we could learn more about her new "roommate". She says that with her husband away alot on business, she feels as if this spirit is watching over her. Those words would seem to ring true as the night went on.

As we entered the house to investigate, the house seemed calm and quiet. After sweep through of each room with the EMF and camera, and not receiving any activity, we set up in the living room where the apparition was seen to begin our EVP session. After not experiencing any known activity, we moved toward the path that the spirit was seen taking before. We moved down the hallway through the laundry room and Mrs. Sharp's son's room. I did an EMF sweep and attempted to communicate with the spirit. After no response I moved back into the laundry room where Mrs. Sharp and my mother where standing. Right away I felt a cold breeze around Mrs. Sharp. She said she felt like he was here. I did an EMF sweep around Mrs. Sharp and received a hit right by her right hand, as if the spirit was holding her hand. We began asking questions and reassuring the spirit that we where not there to harm Mrs. Sharp. After a few minutes the energy was gone. Mrs. Sharp began to feel warmer and as if the presents was gone. I went through the house one last time, then packed up and headed home to review my evidence.



1.As we were doing an EVP session a mysterious ball of light travels from Mrs. Sharp's shoulder down to my legs. There was no other light in the room, no cars passing at that time, and I believe it is too large and does not move the same as dust.


2.We received an EMF spike directly on Mrs. Sharp's hand. As if the spirit was holding her hand.





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