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May 8, 2010 - Salem Presbyterian Church; Atoka TN

Members involved:

Chris Duncan, Wendy Schultz, Alyson Luno, Kristen Smith, Aubrey Hall

We arrived at the Salem Presbyterian Cemetery just after 12:30 AM. The night air was cool, and still. You could hear cars passing up and down the Atoka-Idaville Road. The cemetery seemed to be well lit, however the light from the church only cast so far, and the deeper into the graveyard you got the darker it became. We found a path that led us straight to the site of the unmarked graves, where only a stone marker sits. Its purpose, to pay respect to the dozens that lie buried in the empty green field.


One by one we each made our way down to the base of the damp green hill, and at the foot of the hill, we began our EVP session. Now in the actual unmarked site, where Indians and Slaves were buried, and then forgotten, we each introduced ourselves, hoping to get a response. Questioning the night air as if we where owed something for being out there in the cold. We continued our session but decided to move closer to the woods where we found a row of gravestones. It was a family plot. As Wendy and Alyson read the names on these stones, Wendy suddenly had a hit on the EMF meter. It seemed to move with her as she walked towards the woods, but the needle just stopped moving. Then minutes later Wendy noted another hit on the meter, however it was gone just as quickly, and after a while we moved our investigation up the hill and towards the back of the graveyard, walking along the side of the trees.

The mood seemed to change, and it started to feel more eerie with each step. The weird feeling came over us and our stomachs began to turn. Then a low growl was heard just a few feet from us in the woods. We each commented that the growl was heard and luckily enough it was also captured on the audio. As none of us were there to hunt animals we moved back away from the treeline just in case. We turned and headed away from the back corner of the cemetery, and towards the path dividing two half's of the graveyard. I walked with Wendy to catch up with the team already engaged in EVP, and as we started up the hill I saw a white light that moved quickly from right to left over the heads of my colleagues. Unfortunately none of the other team members saw it, as I reacted to the light too late. How disappointing it is to see something possibly paranormal with your own eyes and not have any documentation to back it up....

As we continued walking through the cemetery, we took note of some of the names on the tombstones. Calling out their names, we tried to communicate with any longing spirits. However the night seemed too calm, and the overall feel of the cemetery was very peaceful . It was approaching 2:00 am, so we decided to head back to the unmarked area and try to provoke the spirits. At this point we were thinking that the spirits here where at rest, however once we started provoking, Wendy captured a ghostly voice that made us think otherwise. We did not hear it the voice until we reviewed our evidence so we ended up leaving the cemetery disappointed. Feeling very tired and cold we where ready to review the evidence in our nice warm homes....



Picture 1: White mist swirling over gravestone, was noticed at the time the picture was taken, but not seen with the naked eye.





Audio Files:

1.A Low Growl captured on the audio and also heard by the investigators at the time.


2.A Female Hum captured on the audio.

3.Female whisper caught while others are talking, this was not heard until review. “Thank you”


4.Ghostly voice captured, seems to be directing its message towards Wendy after a provoking session. “I hate Wendy”


5. Hit on EMF meter, at location where the orb was later caught


6. Hit on EMF meter while orb picture was taken



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