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April 10, 2010 - W.A. Rogers Cemetery; Atoka, TN

Members involved:

Chris Duncan, Wendy Schultz, Alyson Luno, Kristen Smith

After a run in with the Atoka police, while waiting on Alyson and Kristen to meet myself and Wendy, we were given the details of a graveyard that sits right next to the Atoka Bethel Cemetary. The police officer, being interested in the paranormal himself, told us a story of how criminals had been laid to rest in this particular cemetery. So none the less we found ourselves investigating this spot tonight...

We stumbled down a old path in the dark, not knowing if we'd slide into a trench or fall face first. After we were all safe on the ground we walked slowly toward the WA Rogers Cemetery. Even with a full moon, there seemed to be no light at all. The path leading into the cemetery appeared to go deep into the woods. At 2:00 in the morning this place was very intimidating. We crept our way towards the rusty fence which bore the sign that read “ Open Gate, Don't throw flowers over fence.” The gate was left ajar, as if welcoming us inside. One by one we made our way into the cemetery taking notice of the stones as we walked through. There seemed to be a number of children and teenagers in the very front of the yard, and noted that these were all within the last 10 to 15 years.

We began our EVP session as we made our way down the path. It was a very calm night and nothing was making the slightest sound. We were very hopeful to capture an EVP. Walking deeper down the trail we were stopped by Kristen who admitted she felt very cold where she stood. We gathered near her and were lucky enough to feel the cold spot that seemed to hang in the air for 15 seconds, and for a number of minutes the spot seemed to come and go. We did not move from his spot, and even though there was no wind or even the slightest breeze filtering in through the trees, the cold spot seemed to be dancing all around us. We stayed in this area longer snapping pictures and asking questions, but whatever had surrounded us seemed to have moved on, and so we did the same.

Now very excited with having this experience we were ready for whatever was waiting for us at the end of this path. We finally had walked to the back of the graveyard and there stands a very well kept Gravestone. Two very nice angel statues sit on either side of it, and had even been given a plant hanger. This part of the graveyard seemed very peaceful. We had no feelings of pressure or feeling as if we were being watched, it seemed very serene. Then as we walked just a few feet from this stone, Alyson began feeling as if spiderwebs were draping across her neck, she could not shake the feeling, however we could not see that she had actually walked into something. She took pictures all around her, and at this time caught the picture of the white cloud. Several other pictures were taken but the cloud had disappeared.

We began feeling the cold spot again. Alyson kept right on snapping pictures and caught a picture of a white mist. We hoped that something was beginning to communicate with us, and after seeing the first image of the cloud we thought that this was an attempt to manifest itself. As we walked back towards the entrance we experienced the cold spot 2 additional times, but were unable to catch any additional unexplained photo's. We walked out of the graveyard not knowing what we'd find on he audio, only knew that we could not wait to listen to the recordings....



Picture 1: A white cloud that seemed to manifest from nowhere and disappeared just as quickly. Alyson took this picture as she felt as if she were being touched or as if she had walked through webs.

Picture 2: A white mist appeared in the top of this picture, at the same time this was taken we were experiencing a cold spot.

Picture 3: This appears to be a shadow image that formed as the picture was taken and appears on both the left and right side, however the image is much more pronounced on the right side.





Audio Files:

1.A mans voice was heard by our investigation team.

2.Digital Interference

3.Inaudible whisper was found on the audio, and happens as the investigators are talking

4.Inaudible whisper not heard at the time it was recorded while trying to provoke the spirits

5.A whisper that was not heard until reviewing our audio files. This one seems a lot more clear then the others and sounds like a warning, “Don't get near the gate.”

6. Laughter heard while recording our EVP session

7. EMF meter hit while looking into cemetery

8. EMF meter hit

9. EMF meter hit while Kristen felt a chill down her back

10. EMF meter hit

11. EMF activity, cold spot felt

12. Provoked EMF activity

13. Video of mist that appears

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